Tuesday, March 2, 2010

[Show] APOPA Show # 33

Week #33

Again, 3 girls. 2 mics. *sigh*

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  • Mustard my hole.
  • Olympic wrap up.
  • RIP to those in Chile.
  • Jaebeom…dun, dun, DUN!!!!!!!
  • Let’s play “What did Jay do?”
  • Crazy Hottest…STFU!!
  • Who the fuck are you???
  • Korean Pop Addict is on the show!!
  • TOP is getting married.
  • Japan Gold Disk Awards roundup.
  • “Sunny days…”
  • BoA’s going back to Korea. FINALLY!
  • M-Flo DVD coming soon.
  • CN Blue’s Japanese release.
  • Nick Simmons=Dummy of the day.
  • Family Outing Season 2 goes downnnnnnn.
  • Happy 1st Bday Omona!
  • Random singing.
  • Korean comebacks break down for March.
  • KMF in LA 2nd batch of artist.
  • Indian Boy got hurt.
  • Ana’s Artist Profile: The Hiatus
  • World Chart update.
  • Drama news.
  • Super Junior takes over Twitter.
  • More random singing.
  • Yazima Beauty Salon is awesome.
  • TVXQ Days of our Lives.
  • Peace out Lee Soo Man. Good bye stocks.
  • Mao Asada is a smart girl.

    • Our review on Devdas.
    • Betty’s Korean Word of the Week: Chuma, chuma, chum HA!
    • Johnnys Corner: PORQUEEEEEEEEEEEE
    • Again, random singing.
    • JYPE needs the po po.
    • SHOUTOUTS!!!

    Songs Played On The Show:
    Beast- Shock Of The New Era
    Ueto Aya- Ai No Tame Ni
    Alan Luo- Jing Wu Men
    Arashi- Troublemaker
    Outsider- Acquaintance
    SID- Monochrome No Kiss
    Taeyang feat. Teddy- Prayer
    Supernova- Last Kiss
    M-Flo feat Akiko Wada- HEY!
    CN Blue- Love Revolution
    The Hiatus- Insomnia
    Big Bang- Haru Haru (acoustic version)
    T-ara- I Go Crazy Because Of You
    2PM- 10 out of 10
    Namie Amuro- Drive
    Drunken Tiger JK feat. T- One Summer Night
    Flow- Sign
    Crystal Kay- Kitto Eien Ni
    MBLAQ- If You Come Into My Heart


  1. Mustard in your hole huh...sounds kinky LoL

  2. @SecretAgent00Fag

    Its a way of life.

    -Cyn City

  3. lol you guys forgot that the maknae of ss501 younger brother is kibum from u-kiss ! They really similar.
    lol sorry i'm a u-kiss fangirl :)

  4. :3 still have those tix ? :]

  5. @chem.girl.94

    I do actually. Do you want to buy them from me? lol As far it goes now, I doubt we're gonna go.


  6. :3 still have those tix ? :]