Tuesday, March 9, 2010

[Show] APOPA Show # 34

Week #34

Random show is a random show.

(you can either right click on the link and save the file onto your desktop or download it on itunes & zune.)

· It’s magic! It’s magic!
· Gamer talk.
· Slow news week.
· Random talk is random.
· SM is gonna get it!
· SM & Mnet no more.
· Academy Awards roundup.
· Wheesung schooling the noobs.
· Korean hip hop heading to Japan.
· Bone, bone, bone…

· Are you the next kpop star?
· Guess whose back?
· Anyone want 3 tix to the KMF? Lol
· Bangkok…
· Taeyang & Brian McKnight.
· Let’s take some calls!
· Baby making music.
· Betty’s half assed dorama corner.
· Heechul claims he’s next victim.
· Hottest…
· One Piece!!
· The next APOPA special show is….
· Oh Snap!
· Computer blue!
· All I have to give…
· Another caller!
· Hakuna Matata.
· Some people shouldn’t have kids.
· Johnnys Corner brought to you by dummies.
· Last minute phone calls.
· Tablo VS Allkpop.com…FIGHT!
· Shoutouts!!!!
· Send in your request for next weeks special! asianpopaddict@gmail.com

Songs Played On This Week’s Show:
Brian- In My Head
Coma-Chi- B Girl
Clazziquai- Tell Yourself (Daishi Dance English Remix)
Jasmine- This Is Not A Game
Epik High- Run
SHINee- Replay
Capsule- Player
Rainie Yang- Tik Tok
TVXQ- Hey Girl
Cho PD feat. Coreana- Victory 2010
BoA- Universe
Wonder Girls- Tell Me (Rap Version)
The GazettE- The Invisible Wall
Eien Yori Nagaku- Drive Me Crazy
Bright- I Like It
OneWay- Magic
KAT-TUN- Bokura No Machi De
Mc Mong feat Seo In Young- Bubble Love
8ight- Validity Period


  1. You guys were completely lulzy this week! Loved the show, and thanks for letting me call in! I'll never forget being serenaded with BSB while I was on hold, lmfao. Everyone was EPIC! Betty cracking jokes, duck hunt, TVXQ questionaire, all the callers, The King and I, and of course the ending with Harry Belafonte were all some of my fave moments of APOPA. You girls are awesome! <3333333

  2. @NykolaiBasket

    Thanks for calling in & for all the love!!!


  3. Hey Girls!!

    It's been a long time! (well, I posted a late comment on your January 19th show so I guess you didn't notice- please check it out when you have time,it's basically an artist suggestion)

    I just finished listening to the show(yeah I know I'm taking my time, but I enjoy it better this way)!
    I must say that this was the BEST show ever! I couldnt stop laughing from the Michael Jackson singalong to the Johny's corner and all the rest.
    This show was EPIC; it was Betty's best show too (please don't stop singing)!!

    Love y'all!!!

  4. ~ to Ana (an all anime lovers)~
    Please do check out the anime Mononoke (samurai ayakashi/horror stories) when you have time. It is the most artistically beautiful and original anime I've ever watched! It's such a different type of series I strongly recommend it! (link: http://www.youtube.com/user/LiLMsLvly#p/c/5269880BE5581E14)

    The concept was first implemented as part of the anime Ayakashi Samurai Horror Tales so if you like it, you should also check out the three concept episodes of this series (the story is excellent)

    Last anime suggestions for today are the movies Kekkon Kinkreet and The Girl who Leapt through Time.