Monday, May 31, 2010

[Mod] This Weeks Show...

Hello beautiful people of the world. How's everyone doing?

Well I hate to be the barrier of bad news but....there will be no show this week. There are several reasons for this.

#1 There isn't shit going on. Like really, you've heard the past few shows, it's been nothing but randomness lol. I kept a close eye on the news stories coming in this past week and nothing really of note happened.

Reason #2. Today is Memorial Day here in the states. The girls and I are planning on having ourselves a little BBQ in order to relax a little. Betty unfortunately has to work today which is also another reason why we're not doing a show this week because we do record our shows on Monday nights. Also, I'm off today and tomorrow and the last thing I want to do is go to my job and see people on my day off, lol.

I know a lot of you guys are a little backed up in the shows due to school or work so this is the perfect chance in order for you guys to catch up.

Next week when we come back you'll hear a different show. We'll have new opens, more sounds and......GUEST!!! That's right! GUEST! We've been working hard to get some great people on the show for an interview. We've got singers, actors, comedians, dancers and so many more great people that I'm reaching out to in order to come on our show. One more thing you got to look forward to on the first show of the summer is....APOPA's first parody song!! That's right, a parody song!

We'll have blog post and maybe a ustream chat this week. So no worries!

So this week we'll sit this one out and recharge our batteries because what we've got in stored for u guys this summer will be epic!

Stay tuned!!

Now I'm going to go kick back a few of these....

Happy Memorial Day!!

-Cyn City


  1. Sounds like the next shows gonna be awesome. We need some epicness like now, the news has been so blah lately. I'm excited about the new opens and a parody for real? I'm probably gonna bust a gut. And a guest le gasp!

    Hope you all had a fun Memorial Day with lots of grilled yummies and ice cold beer.


  2. @elphiascutie

    Stay tunedddddd *evil laugh*


  3. Damn I'm still like 25 shows behind but I'm excited for this next one coming up lol.
    I LOVE parodies. As if you 3 didn't have my heart before, you'll definitely have it with that parody, I'm sure.

  4. @Geek God

    lol Well you've got time to catch up this week. ;)