Tuesday, June 22, 2010

[Mod] Show update....

Good morning to all,

Hope you're having a better day than me. I'm now back at work and I went to check the computer anddddddd of course it's all gone. I'm really trying to remain calm so I don't give myself a heart attack.

So where does that leave us for this weeks show? I really have no idea. To try and recreate the 2 good solid hours that was already recorded will be hard to do and I'm afraid if we do attempt to do it again it might come off bad. I really don't want to skip out on this week because we've already taken two weeks off in the past month.

In the end we most likely will go back into the studio tonight and re record *shrugs*. I'm just beyond over the fucking tech issues and wish I had a shit ton of money to build my own home studio. A girl can wish I guess.

If any changes I'll keep you guys updated.

Cyn City


  1. I'm really sorry to hear that! I'm not mad at you guys since tech issues are so fucking random and unpredictable and it feels like shit when you record something and all of it was for nill. If you want to re-record then go for it!

  2. Don't suffer for your art. If you're up to re-recording, go for it. Pretend you never spoke any of it prior lol If you want to wait until next week, we'll all understand!!

    The electronics at my work are fucking up today so it must be going around.

  3. I feel for you honey. I've been having tech problems all week with school. I'm not gonna go into details but I'm extremely familiar with having to do things over and over. All I can say is just have a good cry for a moment then just grit your teeth and try again. It's always super rewarding when you finally get it done.

  4. @brackdiamon

    Ya their random but too damn frequent in our case lol.

    That's what we've always done when we've had to re record something lol

    Thanks <3