Tuesday, June 8, 2010

[Mod] Ustream Show!!!

I forgot to mention a few things on the last post.

You didn't think we'd leave you hanging, did ya?

Since we're not doing a show this week, we will do a Ustream show this Thursday the 10th at 9pm EST (check your local time zone). We'll talk with you guys for a bit about whatever is going on in jpop and kpop or anything random lol. If you guys have issues with the time, leave a comment and suggest a better time and we'll take it into consideration. If you can't join us I'll make sure to post the video here on the site after we're done with the ustream chat.

Here's the link to our ustream channel.

Betty and I will be going to the screening of the "The Karate Kid" remake tonight so we'll have our thoughts on the movie tonight. Also maybe an interview with one of the stars of the movie.

I think that's all I needed to say soooooo bye!

-Cyn City


  1. omg you'll get to interview Jackie-chan or the kid? hooooow

    And yes I DO have issues with the time because I live in Italia! lawl

    But I'll try to catch it if I can

  2. @brackdiamon

    Hopefully both. :)

    lol well if anything I will post the video here on the site after we're done with the chat.

  3. I set a reminder in my Blackberry. If we aren't recording GameLuv cast I will take part!

  4. The times good for me. I wrote down a reminder. Just hope the internet doesn't crap out like last time lol

    Hope your feeling better Cyn.