Saturday, July 10, 2010

[Mod] Who Wants To Party?!?!?

Guess who's turning 1 years old on July 13th???!!!


It doesn't seem like a year huh? Well it's almost been a year and we have all of YOU to thank for the success we've had thus far. What's a birthday without a party right? We want you guys to join us while we record our birthday special this Monday the 12th at 9pm EST on Ustream (

We're going to relive a year worth of fails, arguments, and of course lulz. For those who join us on ustream we'll even give you guys a phone number to call in and share your favorite APOPA memories with us! We might even have a special guest or two. So bring your party hats and of course liquor because it's going to be a fun night!

See ya there!

P.S.- There will be a special musical performance by TOP's monkey.
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