Tuesday, September 28, 2010

[Show] APOPA Show # 61

Week #61

 (Random MJ macro just cuz)

 Uh yea I have nothing creative or funny to write as the intro soooooooo LISTEN TO THE SHOW!

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  • Random latin tv and novella talk.
  • Walking in rain SUCKS! Lol
  • Miss A!
  • Take note from YG Entertainment.

  • Unofficial Bollywood corner.
  • No word from MC Mong.
  • They’re coming after you Taecyeon!
  • G-Dragon is a smart effing guy.
  • Who’s heading over to Japan now?

  • Big Break up in J-Pop!!!!
  • Utada joins twitter!
  • SHINee says “Hello”
  • Super Junior talk about members that aren’t present.
  • How many videos can Hankyung make?
  • No SM Entertainment smushing going on. Orrr so they say.
  • No K-Pop for Jack Nicholson.
  • Leave Tablo alone…again!
  • Someone put a muzzle on Choi Hee Jin.
  • Hiro Mizushima leaves his entertainment company.
  • Buy! Buy! Buy!
  • Girls To Men….
  • Japan winter drama rumors.
  • Random polls.
  • APOPA Poll results.
  • Ana’s Artist Profile: Wheesung
  • Wheesung is hot because the god Seo Taiji said so Otaku Corner.
  • Betty’s Korean Word Of The Week.
  • Betty makes a SHOCKING confession.
  • Johnny’s Corner.
  • If you’re in Miami, head out to the Miami Dragon Boat Show this Saturday!
  • New poll up NOW!
Songs Played On This Show:
2NE1- Clap Your Hands
MIYAVI- Neo Visualizm
Fahrenheit- Sexy Girl
Koda Kumi- Suki De, Suki De, Suki De
Miss A- Breathe
the GazettE- Filth In The Beauty
San E feat Min from Miss A- Tasty Sun
ICONIQ- Love Shine Magic
BoA- Copy & Paste
JYJ- Found You
Wheesung feat. Lovelyn- Prayer 4 Soul
Wheesung- Insomnia
Jasmine- L.I.P.S
Yeyo feat. Nappy J, Bliss J, E.via, Naanda- Having Fun
AKB48- Seifuku Ga Jama Wo Suru
ViViD- Across The Border
Arashi- Carnival Night Part 2
FT Island- A Person Closer To Tears
NewS- Ordinary
Drunken Tiger JK- Emergency Situation

Random Videos:
Locomia- Locomia
credit: Aburahamu


  1. 1.novela talk was great.. loved el clon and cant wait to see india. thats on telefutura at 10
    2.jack not into K-Pop I'm glad.. cuz that's weird
    3.Cyn did you cause Kame to fall of the stage too?? you like him too right? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bnMNx9RL_U&feature=related
    4.You guys played Ordinary, Ryo's song. I was going to request that, I love that song.

    Good show

  2. I'm still catching up so I'm not exactly listening to this show yet, but that macro at the top is freaking hilarious. LOL

  3. @Joha

    2. Its better that way
    3. LMAO she wasn't into fandom then....or so we think.
    4. It is a good song, even though i actually heard it was a rip off of some j-band's song. But still, good.


    @Displaced Korean

    Glad we could amuse you. :D

  4. You know what Locomia's beat reminds me of? "I'm too sexy for my..." etc. I love K's song for that drama too. That's all I knew of him though. I didn't know he was a regular on Heyx3! When does "El Clon" start up again? I have Telemundo but I'm not sure what the fuck to watch

  5. @Brackdiamon Oh god, now I got locomia stuck in my head again...thanks! I believe El Clon already finished but if you look it up on youtube it's all over there.