Tuesday, September 21, 2010

[Mod] APOPA Show #60

Week #60!

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This show’s theme is “LIVE”, which means all songs played on this show all come from either a live concert or a live performance either from radio or tv. Sit down, grab a drink because this week’s show is full of drama and lulz!

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  • 32 hour kiss?
  • Old school latin idol groups.
  • Important APOPA announcement.
  • WTF is going on?

  • Did someone say drama?
  • MC Mong is in jail!
  • TOP knew all along.
  • Happy Chuseok!!
  • Star Dance Battle.
  • MBLAQ fail.
  • Billboard Japan Award nominees are announced.
  • °C-ute trending on twitter?
  • 2NE1 is taking over!
  • Korea’s most plagiarized songs.
  • RIP Takeshita Naoko.

  • Why…hello thar Daesung.
  • Critics Top 5 Best and Worst Korean Idols.
  • Leah Dizon working in porn?
  • Kim Hyun Joon and Yamapi are long lost dead fish eyes twins.
  • Hide from GreeeeN gets married!
  • “OMG Kim Hyun Joon DOES look like Yamapi.” Otaku Corner.
  • What’s the official APOPA fan name?
  • Blame Cyn for EVERYTHING!
  • We’re back to square one.
  • APOPA OTP’s.
  • How do you get acute laryngitis from having your boobs shown on tv?
  • Johnny’s Corner brought to you by Yellow and Gold.

  • Cyn is a walking virus. STAY AWAY!
  • WTF Bruno Mars?!?
  • Pick up “Free Wired” from Far East Movement when it comes out!
  • You might want to listen to next week’s show early.
  • The random clip at the end of the show is back!

Songs Played On This Weeks Show:
SNSD- Run Devil Run (Live)
Base Ball Bear- Manatsu No Jouken (Live)
Morning Musume- How Do You Like Japan? (Live)
Se7en feat. T.O.P- Digital Bounce (Live)
TVXQ- Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattan Darou? (Live)
Alice Nine- Kouchou Run (Live)
One Way- Baby By Me (Live)
°C-ute - Homerare Nobiko no Theme Song (Live)
Yamashita Tomohisa- Mola remix (Live)
Utada Hikaru- Automatic (Live)
YB Band- Haru Sari (Live)
SHINee- I’m Yours, I’ll Be Missing You, Juliet song melody (Live)
Ayaka- Okaeri (Live)
Buck Tick- Coyote (Live)
Daichi Miura- The Answer (Live)
LM.C- Edo Funk (Live)
Namie Amuro- Make You Alright (Live)
Maximum The Hormone- Chu Chu Lovely Muni Muni (Live)
KAT-TUN_ Wilds Of My Heart (Live)
M-Flo feat Alex of Clazziquai- Love Me After 12am (Live)
the GazettE-  Hyena (Live)
MINMI- Shiki No Uta (Live)


  1. Hi Girls!

    I love your show, never missed it! I was wondering what is the name of the song between Alice Nine's Kouchou Run and the C-ute's one? I really like it.


  2. @Cam Whoops sorry about that. It's One Way with their rendition of 50 Cent's "Baby By Me".