Saturday, September 18, 2010


If you've listened to this weeks show then you know that our next show the theme will be "Live", meaning all song request must be from a live performance. Make sure to send in all your requests by Monday!!! Send them to If you don't know how to record a song off youtube for example than email us the link and we'll grab it for you.

Since the theme is "live", it's only fitting that we go LIVE on ustream!! Watch us record the new show. If you've joined us during one of our ustream shows than you know what to expect. It's all going down on Monday, September 20th, between 8-9pm. Since we're always late I'm not going to give a specific time. Just beware that we'll go live sometime between 8-9pm EST.

Also don't forget to keep voting on what the APOPA listeners should be called. It's a tight race so hurry and vote today! The poll is on the front page, on the right hand side.

See you all there!!

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