Wednesday, January 19, 2011

[Show] APOPA Show # 74 Men Of Winter 2!

Week #74 Men of winter 2!

You've been waiting for it! The time has come! Our 2nd annual "Men Of Winter"!!
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  • You’re listening to the right show.
  • Sing along at home!
  • Ana gets a late Christmas gift.
  • How do these guys qualify as a “Men of Winter”?
  • It’s a revolution!!!
  • Kara butt shaking it out of DSP Media.
  • Shady Kara…
  • Yunho says “oh no they didn’t” and then Miss J was like “oh yes I did”!
  • Kitty wigs!
  • SM c*ck blocks again!
  • Mini Jaejoong meets Yunho.
  • Tablo gets his revenge.
  • Queen B is back in Japan.
  • Bangkok gets a K-Pop concert!
  • Leave Min alone!
  • Japan Nite 2011 tour dates & line up announced.
  • The Green Hornet brings in the big bucks.
  • Hot issue!
  • F.Cuz Kan involved in a car accident.
  • SPEEDOS!!!
  • Nujabes tribute show in DC.
  • Kara breaking news.
  • Menz! 5-10
  • SNSD Run Devil Run in Japanese…. Meh.
  • Ayyyy girl part 2.
  • Wonder Girls are working hard towards the US.
  • Random news rundown.
  • More menz!
  • “Damn we’re getting old”, Otaku Corner.
  • MBLAQ Corner: “Blaq Style” album review.
  • MENZ!
  • Visual Kei news!
  • Johnny’s corner.
  • More breaking news on Kara.
  • #1!!!!
  • Annndddd more Kara news.
  • Cyn City’s bday special AND ustream show next week!
  • New affiliate!
  • Shoutouts!
Join us on USTREAM next week for Cyn City's birthday special!

Go behind the cut to see our top 10 plus the song list.

 Cyn City’s Top 10
10. Daichi Miura
9. Jay Chou
8. Akanishi Jin
7. Yoo Ah In
6. Tanaka Koki from KAT-TUN
5. Peter from One Way

4. Matsushita Yuya

3. Seung Ho from MBLAQ

2. Yamashita Tomohisa from NewS

1. Shim Changmin from TVXQ

 Ana Pana’s Top 10
10. Daigo from BREAKERZ
9. Kenichi Matsuyama
8. Ninomiya Kazunari from Arashi
7. Rain
6. Tora from Alice Nine
5. Kim Junsu

4. Show Luo

3. Joon from MBLAQ

2. G.O from MBLAQ

1. TOP

Betty’s Top 10
10. Ueda from KAT-TUN
9. Song Joong Ki
8. Hyun Bin
7. Outsider
6. Saga from Alice Nine
5. Aiji from LM.C

4. Tim

3. Kai from the Gazette

2. Park Yoochun

1. Lee Jun Ki

Songs Played On This Show:
One Way- Magic
LM.C- Yasha Hime
Kim Junsu- I Can Soar
Matsushita Yuya- Bird
Show Luo- Ai De Zhu Chang Xiu
Tim- The War Inside Me
NewS- Taiyou No Namida
MBLAQ- Darling
the Gazette- Burial Applicant
TOP- Of All Days
Shim Changmin- Confession


  1. I LOVE IT! Thanks for taking in my request for the MBLAQ's "Blaq Style" Album. I'm in EUPHORIA! Well, I was the one who made the so called suggestion a.k.a. request. Hehehehe... When I saw the breakdown of your show, I had to catch my breathe when I saw the album review in MBLAQ corner. You guys are SUPER AWESOME! As I listener, I really appreciate you take into mind our say... NIIICCCEEE... :)
    If you only knew how much I waited for this segment for this week. YAY! Thanks from the bottom of my heart. <3 APOPA FOREVER! <3

  2. Hi! Requester-san Portia here. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! AWESOME you guys. You made my heart flutter... :">
    I really felt SPECIAL!!! HAHAHAHA! Question: I'm I the first one who made such request? I mean, the requesting an album review... If I were... then... YEAH! COOL! HEHEHE! KUDOS! Sorry for making you strain your throat Ana... or is it Cyn who did the review? I'm so grateful. Love you guys! :) MBLAQ FTW! By the way, AWESOME Men of Winter 2 lists. RAIN and MBLAQies are in it! YEAH! Can't wait for the next show! <3

  3. @Portia

    Glad you enjoyed the review! It was a pleasure and a challenge lol. So now you know, we DO listen to the masses. And yes, you are the first to suggest/ask for a review :). Normally we just talk about the albums on the fly. After the segment was over, the first thing i did was drink a cup of water but the strain was worth it lol.

    Men's List this season was pretty osm indeed. Thanks for enjoying the show, we appreciate the love much! And i'll make sure to drop your name next show.


  4. So I'm like half way through this week's show and I am already loving every second!^_^ I wanted to comment about The Green Hornet Movie.... lol sooo i went to go see it in 3D the first day it came out. Let me just get straight to the point.If you havent seen it yet dont watch it in 3D b/c its not worth it. I liked the movie, it was funny and entertaining, but it was one of those movies your really excited about and you have high standards for, but you are sort of let down at the end.Jay's english is good, but at times you couldnt understand him, it was like he was mumbling. Funny movie tho :)Have you seen Jay in the movie 'Secret'? LOVE that movie. OKayy let me get back to listening to the rest of this week's show! :D

  5. @Nicole

    Actually we'd heard the very same thing, which is why we have yet to see it lol. I personally haven't seen many Jay Chou-anything, but then i am WAY behind in alot. >.<

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, do enjoy this week's long-winded show!


  6. This comment from me is long overdue... I've been wanting to go on your site but I keep forgetting ;)
    Anyway, while I was listening to this show, I couldn't help but make a list of my own Men of Winter and one of the Infinite guys made my list even though I know how young they are for me... oh my... it's Woohyun (one of the guys you like too, Ana!). He's just so cute and I really like his voice. Of course, Joon and G.O made my list too. ;)

    I remember that the first ever show that I listened from you all is the Men of Winter 1 so I was excited to listen to this. It wasn't really hard to guess who you're #1 Men are after you mentioned the other 9. If I remember correctly, there were no changes from the #1 Men of Men of Winter 1, right? (Woah, that sentence was confusing... haha). Thanks for the laughs! :D