Friday, January 21, 2011

[Video] GANTZ Post Movie Q&A

The world premiere of the live action movie, "GANTZ" came out last night here in the states. Ana and I were at one of the 300 theaters watching the film for the first time. Let me just say the movie was AWESOME! The dub was meh but the movie itself was great. We can't wait for part 2!!

In LA there was a world premiere event with the two stars of the movie, Ken'ichi Matsuyama & Ninomiya Kazunari which was broad casted live throughout all the theaters showing the movie. I decided to use my ninja skillz and video tape the whole post movie Q&A with my handy dandy blackberry. The quality isn't HD but it's clear and you can hear everything.

If you saw the movie let us know what you thought! We'll give our review of the movie on the next show.



  1. It was AWESOME. I was in the 2 row so my neck kind of hurt while I watching the movie but I enjoyed it.
    I didn't like the dub but whatever, did you guys notices that the guy doing Ninos voice had an accent? I thought that was funny, some of the word they said in English sounded funny.

    It's weird to think that I was so close to them, it doesn't feel real.

    Hopefully they do the same thing for the second movie, I can't wait to see it.