Monday, March 21, 2011

[Mod] Help Us!

Hello my fellow ADDICTS. Hope all is well in your world. We are in need of your thoughts and ideas!! It's about that time again to redo our lovely website and we figured why not turn to all of you to get your suggestions on what we should add or take away from the site. We would like to make the site a little bit more interactive. Since you guys are the ones who come here the most we want to make it as interactive as possible for all of you to enjoy. Just please keep in mind that everything done on the website is done by me and with not very much money Besides that suggest away! As many suggestions as you can think of, leave it in the comment box. Sometime in April I will launch the redone website. :)

Cyn City

1 comment:

  1. 1.) New blog theme. Perhaps a magazine-style one for all the artist profile, hottie of the week, WTF of the week, Fashion Fail, Ghei, etc.,.

    (If you need help buying a license for a spiffier, professional theme, I'd gladly donate!)

    2.) Maybe a theme/script that allows rotation of banners and backgrounds a la AKP?

    3.) Definitely feature more of your Youtube videos.

    4.) Have your side column widget to include your Twitter feed.

    5.) APOPA forum? Interactive chatroom?

    6.) APOPA banners/buttons so we can link them to your site. Def. good for forum members to put them in their signatures!

    ...that's it for now? lol