Wednesday, March 2, 2011

[Show] APOPA Show # 79

Week #79

*P. Diddy voice* This…….the….REMIX!

  We weren’t in our usual studio this week so we apologize for
the audio not being the best that it could be.


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  • We want our studio back!!
  • Stars Wars battle.
  • Jam packed show!
  • Ryo Flame comes on the show to break down Big Bang “Big Show”, Dalmatian’s showcase & Super Junior K.R.Y’s concert.
  • You suck! Get out of this group.
  • Leetuk needs to stuff a sock in it.
  • Kara fans are angry!
  • Take it like a man!

  • Big Bang making big bucks!
  • Who’s the best Johnny’s actor?
  • JYJ, they win some & they lose some.
  • We agree with you Kim Tae Woo.
  • Another loss for the K-Pop world.
  • Utada’s final release.
  • Music Station line up for this week.
  • An extra trivia contest!
  • MBLAQ Corner: Helloooooooo Thunder.
  • Jewish people are not happy with Japan.
  • Fandoms collide again!
  • Alice Nine are hilarious!
  • Calm down Yuya.
  • ONE OK ROCK on tour.
  • Goodbye Dream High.
  • J-Rock Corner.
  • Big Bang rocks the night, Otaku corner.

  • Listener Artist Profile: Shinichi Osawa

  • Johnny's Corner: Ms. Y.

  • Special shout outs!!!
  • In the arms of an angel.
  • Charlie Sheen…

 Songs Played On This Show:
DJ Masa- Lollipop 2 Big Bang vs Lady Gaga
Super Junior & SHINee- Bonamana/Lucifer Mashup
DJ Masa- K-Pop In A G-6
TVXQ- Take Your Hand –i am electro remix-
2PM- Again, Again remix
Arashi vs. New Boyz - Believe (Backseat Mix)
Rain- Bad Guy (live) remix
Teriyaki Boyz Feat. Pusha T & Fam-Lay - Tokyo Drift
DJ Masa- I know You Push Push
Wonder Girls - Nobody Ballad (Rainstone Remix)
Big Bang- Lies (acoustic version)
Namie Amuro- WHAT A FEELING (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
Utada Hikaru - Simple And Clean -PLANITb Remix

Random Videos:

Daniel gets knocked the eff out!
credit: CodeAnalysisSeason4 @YT


  1. Daniel getting slugged was, unfortunately, hilarious.

    Thanks for having me on the show, girls, I'll DL it as soon as I get home~

  2. @Ryo Flame

    Thanks again for coming on and wait till you hear how it sounds when the phone call got cut off. It couldn't have been more perfect. lmfao


    I DIED when the phone card died :P
    made my week :)
    sooo funny

  4. lmao out of pity??? i hope y'all ain't serious about that! and all that annoying is just me following up especially it took so long to get this special together. just sayin'. nevertheless i'm happy how it turned out although i'll admit my artist profile was on the long side lol

    Cyn needs to do the PSA with Kim Hyun Joong and Uee too cuz they need help fixing their dead fish eyes too.

    thanks again for letting me come on the show!

  5. @watermelonlover
    That moment was priceless.

    LMFAO Noooooooo we were kidding! Promise! Thanks again for all your hard work.


  6. It's all about the Han Solo ;)

    Ryo! Just met her over at Dalminatian, and now she's here too! Good to hear from you, girl!
    I'm falling for Dalmatian at an alarming rate. Daniel is seriously turning into one of those pedo-nunas...

  7. The Big Bang contest was fun to hear and it was generous of you to give out a poster too! Do you think that the Big Bang album is a let-down compared to previous releases or are you satisfied with it?

    Oh my, Shinichi Osawa! I remember a few years ago when I contacted him on myspace and got all giddy because he responded to my message about WHAT A FEELING. He said then that he'd be producing more tracks for Namie, and I guess ROCK U was just that? I didn't really like the remix of WHAT A FEELING too much though, too much repetitiveness going on!

    Miss J and all of the other manwhores taking drunken pics together is like a fangirl's wet dream.

  8. @brackdiamon yayyyyyyyyy someone else who knows Osawa other than my brother and I /forever alone

    as someone who enjoys electronic/dance music I guess I'm used to the repetitiveness of that genre, and I'll admit some of his music can be repetitive and not as compelling, but his "WHAT A FEELING" remix is an exception. lol and I was almost gonna choose "ROCK U" now that you mention it.

  9. Daniel getting slugged was, unfortunately, hilarious.

    Thanks for having me on the show, girls, I'll DL it as soon as I get home~