Wednesday, July 6, 2011

[Show] APOPA Show # 95

Week #95

Who's ready to get their party on?

Its the "Club Banga" special! 

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  • Welcome to club APOPA!!
  • True Blood is back!
  • Betty and Ana are about to throw some bows.
  • Elementary school kids needs to get over it & watch The Backyardigans.
  • Betty must be schooled on Jem!
  • Goodbye Fahrenheit.
  • Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife, the KCC is coming after you.
  • MTV VMAJ winners. Is this really from Japan???
  • A Nation line up is announced.
  • Ana makes a SHOCKING confession.
  • Tons of summer festivals announced in Japan & South Korea.
  • EPIC Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ episode!
  • “Bubble Pop”….ok.
  • The big 3 want YOU!
  • Drop it low for the “I Am The Best” dance contest.
  • Rain continues his “I’m never go to the army” tour…
  • APOPA break down the future of the Korean army.
  • AKB48 game is for lonely dudes.
  • Alan responds to haters in a classy way.
  • The idols vote on other idols.
  • We’re giving away 1 pair of passes for the following movies being screened at the New York Asian Film Festival.
Sea Side Motel- July 16th   
Control Tower- July 19th   

  • Sangchu needs to stop lying.
  • He’s still around??
  • Kara breaking records in Japan…again.
  • Sad times for a Rainbow member.
  • JYJ has their own studio.
  • K-pop needs to stop lying.
  • JTL coming back?
  • Purple.
  • Goto Maki afraid of Erika Sawajiri?
  • Dreams Come True are headed to the US.
  • The must watch episode to watch for Immortal Song 2.
  • Star Auditions Season 2 in LA.
  • Two men, one concert. AWESOME!
  • ROCKKKKKKKKK corner.
  • MBLAQ is coming back!
  • Another fail MNET ranking.
  • Johnny’s Corner: Arashi member down!
  • Last minute news rundown.
  • “Jack Daniels is the shit”…Otaku Corner.
  • gurl, Gurl, GURL, GURLLLLLLL!!!
  • Shoutouts!
  • Next week is our 2nd anniversary!!!
  • Send us your questions for us, your fav moments of the show etc. We need them by this weekend!!!

Songs Played On This Show:
Se7en- Drips
BoA- Energetic
Capsule- EDIT
Far East Movement- So What
Supreme Team- Dang, Dang, Dang
Sweet Black feat. Maki Goto & BIGGA RAIJI- Queen Bee
4Minute- Muzik
Block B- Wanna B
Show Luo- Cheng Yao
2NE1- I Am The Best
Koda Kumi- Taboo
TOP- Turn It Up
Namie Amuro- Secret
Kreva & Mummy D- Funky Glamorous
2PM- Hands Up


  1. i so dig the playlist today! club banggerrrs ftw~ ^^

  2. I wasn't shocked by the
    results of the VMAJ. I complained back in 2008 about how having international
    artists participate in it, but then I also realized that it's stupid to take
    seriously because it's MTV, which is all about voting en masse for your favorites.
    There's no way that it's actually 'fair'. You guys saw for yourselves on the
    chat with all of the rabid TOKIO HOTEL, Lady Gaga, and K-pop fans. Of course,
    the more popular ones will have a higher ratio of people who are more vocal and
    retarded about their fandom.. But damn, all of a sudden this year, it's like
    everyone knew about it. I can honestly see how some of the annoyance over K-pop
    fans is sort of justified now. I was randomly hanging out on this anonymous
    meme and most people didn't even know who the fuck A.I., Anna, Namie, w-inds.
    etc were, they just cared about seeing their precious SHINee and SNSD.

    In regards to Hyuna, I
    think the problem is that when she tries to be sexy is that you can feel an
    aura of... try-hardness? She's trying too hard to be hot when it should just
    come off as natural. Definitely not 'next Lee Hyori' material (at least Hyori's
    tone is pleasant) just because she's one of the few to have a sexy act. Rather,
    I actually think Yuri has more of a chance to hit it big if she ever releases
    solo material because she does have a natural sexyness to her and has a husky
    voice. Hell, it was even commented on by Lee Hyori herself. But yeah, food for