Wednesday, July 6, 2011

[WTF Of The Week] Week #95

Two words... Titty fest.

Via Arama They Didn't

AKB48's new PSP video game "AKB1/48" has become a hot topic due to being too erotic.

Taking place in Guam, the story unfolds with things like AKB48's members shaking their breasts while professing their love, making this a "titty feast."

Players are able to enjoy a kind of AKB48 harem, featuring all of the girls. The aim of the game is to string along all 47 until you reach the last one to get a confession from her, making this the "ultimate love experience"

The game's theme of summer and swimsuits allows the player to gaze upon the ladies in their bikinis on an island of everlasting summer.

"Besides last March's edition of "Weekly AKB48" with its swim meet section, there has been no opportunity to see all the members in their sexy bikinis. In the game, their bodies in swimsuits are made public. Their glamorous bodies, members such as Ooshima Yuuko and Kojima Haruna confess their love while showing off their cleavage. Players can enjoy as well the bodies of Ishida Haruka and Oota Aika, who are rapidly developing into adults.

Team 4 members are also included in the DVD. Oba Mina, Shimazaki Haruka and Yamauchi Suzuran swing their huge breasts, showing off their fully-loaded fresh swimsuit bodies.


  1. It's like an open bar and a group of old men away from a gang bang. 

  2. that's exactly what it feels like.