Wednesday, August 24, 2011

[Show] APOPA Show #102

 Week #102

STOP! It's APOPA time! Ohohohohohohohohohoh

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  • Mother earth is still angry.
  • The Korean army just got a bit more fabulous.
  • Everything will be alright.
  • One goes in & another comes out.
  • Which crew will reign supreme?
  • We don’t hate… we….we…..oh never mind.
  • She’s back!
  • We approve of Min-Min.
  • Rainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn PLAGIARISM!
  • Say goodbye to your favorite show.
  • MNET M! Countdown live on facebook.
  • FREE K-pop concert in New York!
  • 2NE1 will be on Music Station.
  • Also 2PM!
  • Dream High Season 2!!!!
  • 24 Hour Television raised a lot of money.
  • Utada & Ayaka comebacks???
  • Blame Edison Chen.
  • ROCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Japan vs Korea.
  • It’s music. It’s entertainment. ENOUGH!
  • Lion Media is fighting back at Younha.
  • Can we ban the ministry??
  • Wonder Girls doing big things.
  • MBLAQ corner. Spazz attack, right.
  • Johnny’s Corner: Ryo was right!
  • Last minute news.
  • Eli…. Come on bro.
  • Cut Cyn a break on the Chinese names.
  • The diaries of Han.
  • MEN OF SUMMER 3!!! NEXT WEEK!!!!!!
  • Shoutouts.
  • Cyn will be in New York!!! Let’s meet up!!! (click the link for more info)

Songs Played On This Show:
BoA- Touched
MBLAQ- I Don’t Know
Koda Kumi- In The Air
Cinema Staff- In The Air
Sunny Hill- Pray
G.NA feat. Swings & JC Jieun– Bananas
2PM- I’m Your Man
ScReW - Dearest Wish
Sista 19- Ma Boy
Namie Amuro- Naked
After School- Bang! (Japanese version)
Super Junior- Superman
U Kiss- Bingeul, Bingeul
Nine Muses- Figaro
Lin (the end of corruption world)- Silent To My Pain
Big Bang- I Don’t Understand
Choshinsei- Meki Love
Lee Hyuk- She’s Gone (remake)


  1. Ur welcome Ana! And I agree w/ you guys on the japan/korea thing. In fact I never really liked jpop except for the anime songs b/c most of it was kinda of crap. The underground stuff is better. I once thought BoA was japenese until she went back to korea. Anyways great job once again on the show.

  2. I think the same general thought can be applied to all pop scenes. An entire pop scene cannot appeal to everybody, and when everything is especially trendy and over-flashy it's no better than the stagnancy of J-pop. 

  3. I need that gif Ana was talking during the MBLAQ corner about w/ the grinding

  4. I just got around to hearing this show, but Betty, you may still be interested in Justin Lin's WW2 movie. 442nd regiment fought in Europe. They were Japanese-American soldiers who fought for America while their family was still in concentration camp in America.