Wednesday, August 3, 2011

[Show] APOPA Show #99

Week #99

Back again with another week full of news and lulz. 

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  • We know how to grub.
  • RIP Amy Winehouse.
  • Cyn-dong needs to clarify something.
  • What is this Super Junior?
  • YGEX. Best move EVER!

  • Think of the collaborations!
  • YG is making moves.
  • All the Hoons are trouble makers.
  • Shinhwa is coming back!!!
  • MIYAVI North & South America tour dates announced! THERE’S FLORIDA!!!
  • Oricon weekly music rankings.
  • Creepy old men.
  • She’s a hoeeeeeeeeeee. HOE!
  • 2ch is special.
  • Meisa Kuroki is going on tour & has facebook.
  • J drama updates.
  • Miss A love meat.
  • Congrats!
  • Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp.
  • IAMMEDIC & Aziatix will be performing LIVE in L.A.
  • Wheesung loves fat chicks!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Celebrity ID #’s was accidentally released to the public.
  • Pick up “C’est La V” by Van Ness Wu today!
  • How does one get shingles? Ignore us….
  • Otoke. Otoke. Otoke.
  • MNET America wants YOU!
  • KBS Music Bank is going world wide.
  • Koda Kumi is back being sexy!
  • ROCKKKKKKK corner.
  • That’s just said Miku…. just sad.
  • Teen Top is scandalous.
  • Dori Chan’s movie review on “The Man From Nowhere”
  • Alan to put Japanese activities on hold.
  • Quick news run down.
  • Who has the best lips in Japan?
  • Quick True Blood recap.
  • Betty's Korean Word Of The Week.
  • Johnny’s Corner: THEY’RE DANCING IN SYNC!!!
  • Otaku News.
  • 100th episode next week! What should we do?

Songs Played On This Weeks Show
2NE1- Hate You
ONE OK ROCK- Re:make
After School Red- In The Night Sky
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu- Pon Pon Pon feat. Jiggy Dog- Superstar (R&B version)
Super Junior- Mr. Simple
Miss A- Goodbye Baby
TVXQ- I Don’t Know
Itano Tomomi- Fui Ni
Maki Goto- What Is Love
Teen Top- No More Perfume On You
Straightener- You And I
Piggy Dolls- A Girl I Know
Scandal- Love Survive
Namie Amuro- Tempest

Random Videos:

Big Bang is high off snow.

IF Morning Musume did more of this... I just might be a fan.

Great cover by the Wonder Girls

Look at Lee Jun Ki & Andy doing something... lol



  2. movie review~~ dori chan back
    downloading the show right now. TB recap *throws confetti* 

  3. If i remember correctly, 2NE1 was already signed with Avex and only Big Bang was on Universal

  4. Hey all! YG talk was awesome...
    ohh and CYN mentioned the backup dancer twins...Yeah one of them is indeed a trainee, he stopped being a back up dancer to focus on his "singing" supposedly...the last time he was seen dancing as a back up was 5months ago with Se7en in Hong Kong. He also stopped updating his twitter & cyworld so yeah that sparks theories of being a trainee
    But the other one is still an active back up dancer, and is very active on twitter too XD

    just a jist from a YG Stan.

    PS: I'm veryyyyy excited for the Shinhwa comeback<3

    Here's a gift! "I NEED A CLUB BANGERRRR" & full on English Interview with 2NE1 :)

  5. OMFGEEEE!! Ana have u seen this...

  6. lol seungri's laugh!!!