Wednesday, August 3, 2011

[WTF Of The Week] Week #99

Via Omona They Didn't

Seoul designer Jeongmi Lee has designed a conceptual domestic robot that steals your duvet in the morning and poos all over the floor.

The robot would be able to change its own filters after cleaning the floor, ejecting the used ones in little brown cardboard packages.

Here are some more details from Jeongmi Lee:

This project was conducted in order to search for new possibilities of home appliances.

Our home appliances are always the same. Washing machines continue to spin and refrigerators steadily cool down things. Sticking to what they are good at is not wrong, but isn’t that a bit boring?

Therefore, I decided to reconsider the relationship between me and home appliances. ‘A robot cleaner’, to be precise. He, according to my description, is quite cute. Watching him work makes recall a cute puppy. (Sure, there are designs that visualizes cockroaches in the market.) Anyway it’s sad to see such a cute product work on cleaning only…

For him (or a robot cleaner in this case), I ask for a morning call, hoping that our relationship gets elevated to the next level. However, unfortunately, he does not have any ‘voice’ devices. All he can do is ‘run’ and ‘absorb’. Okay then.

I bring up a memory of my mom waking me up every morning when I was young by taking away my blankets. Perhaps he could do that as well! How? I simply tie him to the blanket with a string. He simply has to run when the alarm rings. Then my blanket will get dragged away by him.

Ah, there’s another cute thing about him. He can poop. As you know, we all have to replace tissue filters of robot cleaners ourselves. However, my robot cleaner can automatically extract them, which is amazingly convenient.


  1. That is the coolest WTF ever. 

  2. I have no words. 0.0

  3. I feel specialz ^3^ I posted that

  4. lol did you? Well, congrats! haha