Thursday, November 17, 2011

[Ghei Of The Week] Week #109

Hey Hong Seok Chun... GET IT GURL!

Via Omona They Didnt!

Hong Seok Chun has once again revealed another one of his ‘naughty hands’ pictures. On November 15th, Hong Seok Chun wrote on his twitter “Jaejoong who had come to play in Itaewon. I snuck my hand while drinking. Kyak. Herong-Herong” while revealing a photo of him touching Jaejoong’s hip.

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On the photo it shows Hong Seok Chun drinking from a beer bottle while touching Kim Jaejoong’s hips. Jaejoong, who is drinking soda, has his back turned and is rolling his eyes, creating a comic atmosphere. Because of protests coming in from fans, Hong Seok Chun then tweeted “Hello Jaejoong fans. Only I have drunk alcohol. Don’t be upset. I [drank so much] I had troubles sleeping until morning. But please, don’t mind”, calming down the mind of the fans. Hong Seok Chun’s serious of naught hands pictures started earlier with Kim Jang Hoon. Kim Jang Hoon released through his Me2day a “naughty hands” picture of Hong Seok Cheon, who was grabbing onto Kim Jang Hoon’s hips with both hands. Hong Seok Chun, who is known for taking comedic pictures with actors, aroused much laughter on twitter because of his naughty hands pictures. The pictures have faced a variety of reactions such as “Wow. This picture makes me feel embarrassed early in the morning”, “That looks like fun, you are fortunate”, and “you can tell that you two are close friends”.

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