Thursday, November 17, 2011

[WTF Of The Week] Week #109

Seriously... WTF is this Japan??? I don't understand these awards.

"Best Character Award"

Becky wins kodansha's 'best character award' “Talent” Becky, 27, is this year’s winner of publisher Kodansha’s “Best Character Award.” Part of the Kodansha Advertising Awards, it goes to the celebrity voted most popular by readers during the year and who contributed to the progress of magazine advertising. Becky said that she often reads women’s fashion magazines and health magazines and is inspired by magazine ads and gets ideas for music promotion videos from them.

"Best Shoe Wearer Award"

Takahashi Ai receives ‘best shoe wearer award’ On November 10th, former Morning Musume leader Takahashi Ai attended an awards ceremony for ‘The 4th Best Shoe Wearer Awards‘ where she was awarded the ‘Best Shoe Wearer Award’. Takahashi expressed her joy saying, “I never dreamed of receiving such a wonderful award after graduating from Morning Musume. I love fashion, and I love to collect shoes, so I am very happy.”

"Eyelashes Beauty Award"

On November 10th, actress Tamaru Maki attended an awards ceremony for “The First Eyelashes Beauty Award 2011“. Thrilled by the honor, Tamaru expressed, “As a woman, I am happy to be told that I have beautiful eyelashes and receive an award for it. I was overjoyed. I want to take care of them daily so that I will have beautiful eyelashes when I’m a grandma.”

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