Thursday, November 10, 2011

[WTF Of The Week] Week #108

This is cool but I doubt mom's walking thru the mall will enjoy this. lol

Via Arama They Didnt

Public Pole Dancing in Shibuya Department Store A week of girls shopping activities at Shibuya Parco opened the night of October 27th with a party that surprised passers by. Shoppers and those on the street were treated to the talents of girl dance group Tokyo DOLORES. A temporary stage on the street outside the venue became an impromptu pole dancing stage as the dancing troupe opened up the “Shibuya Girls Bunkasai” event that will run for the next week in the department store.

Playing on the Halloween timing, the girls strolled though the store lobby in their trademark goth costumes giving out candy to those in store before heading to the stage.

 A modern dance interpretation of pole dancing, the set was an impressive mix of acrobatics and dance. The girls entertained the growing crowd with some pretty spectacular movements as they spun themselves around the poles on stage. Although the whole event is aimed at the female market there were plenty of pleasantly surprised “Salary Men” on their way home from the office amongst them. The girls have started to make quite a name for themselves over the last year performing burlesque type shows in Japan and at venues in America also, opening the Coney Island Film Festival and even an impromptu performance on a NYC subway train!

Bunkasai events, a type of “cultural festival” are popular students festival in Japan and the Parco promotion will appeal to the young crowd that populate the Shibuya area. The dancing kicked off a whole week of events at the location with various music and fashion related activities, which is off the back of Japan Fashion Week and in the run up to Tokyo’s Fashion’s Night Out. Following Tokyo DOLORES also at the event was artist collective Chim Pom’s Ellie who carried on the party behind the turntable. Chim Pon, who have talked about before, have been gaining a lot more exposure since their Banksy-esque stunt adding the Fukushima nuclear power plant image to Okamoto Taro’s “Myth Of Tomorrow” mural in Shibuya station.

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  1. The Beverly Center in Hollywood does weird shit like this. They even used to have a Hunky Claus with sexy elves.