Wednesday, December 7, 2011

[Show] APOPA Show #112

Week #112

READ!!!: So for whatever technical reason, after the 1st music set, the audio starts to get a little funky. We apologize for this. I have no idea why it’s doing that but it is. If you can bear with it, we greatly appreciate it. If you can’t, we understand. We figured we should just put the show out anyways being since we did it. So if you listen all the way thru, bless your heart. At some points it sounds like we’re on auto tune. Lol

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  • Relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Classic movie.
  • Cyn….party of 1.
  • Selling babies.
  • Troublemaker starting trouble.
  • Awkward was awkward.
  • Our stance on Hyuna.
  • Dream High 2 final cast.
  • YG Family concert recap.
  • YG’s family continue to grow.
  • Another “boy” is expecting as well.
  • Who’s rolling in money?
  • Most successful producer of 2011.
  • Sex tape?
  • INFINITE to hold their 1st solo concert.
  • Uee should go have babies…NOW!
  • Hyori defends her man.
  • Get lovey dovey with T-ara.
  • Official Kohaku Uta Gassen line up is out!
  • Kago Ai’s problems get worse.
  • Crystal Kay’s new single to be released on iTunes worldwide.
  • Only Downtown can do this sort of show.
  • Koda Kumi to release 10th studio album.
  • Rock corner! What’s Kai doing this week?
  • Ugh!
  • SM Town to release a Christmas album.
  • Christmas with SNSD.
  • Ayaka is coming back!
  • Miryo to release a solo album!
  • Vampire Idol.
  • We’re all the same.
  • “Ugh!” Otaku corner.
  • What should this year’s APOPA awards be named?
  • The categories for the APOPA are...
  • Send us all your nominations NOW to you have until 12/12/11!!! Click here to see all the categories.
  • Star lidaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
  • Johnny’s Corner.
  • SNSD fan boy is back! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
  • A drunken bromance.
  • Betty’s Bday special is next week! (No request are needed for next week.)
  • To ustream or not ustream, that is the question.
  • Last minute news.
  • New WTF vlog!!! Check it out! Share it! Comment on it!
  • Shoutouts

Songs Played On This Show:
Daichi Miura- Black Hole
T-ara- Ya! Ya! Ya (Japanese version)
Chin Chinawut- Too Fast, Too Serious
BoA- Milestone
Troublemaker- Troublemaker
Sakanaction- Mikazuki Sunset
TVXQ- Crazy Love
George Nozuka- Last Time
Rainbow- Mach (Japanese version)
Bang & Zelo- Never Give Up
INFINITE- Come Back Again
MiChi- Find Your Way
Namie Amuro- Sit! Stay! Wait! Down!
Bright feat. Sky Hi (AAA)- Bad Girl
KAT-TUN- Star Rider

Random Videos: 
Big Bang acting as 2NE1 for "I Am The Best"

This is AWESOME! Wish I could do that.


  1. The whole auto-tune issues with the audio didn't stop me from listening. It made Anna's WHHHYYYYYY and Changmin screams a bit more funnier :)

  2. The auto-tune sound thing is very annoying, but I still listened :) And I hope this does not happen again..

  3. The times Ana did Changmin notes was so hilarious to me. I thought it was funny in the other show like 2 wks ago, but it got even funnier sounding all autotuned.

  4. That was one the few times i laughed at this weeks show was when it was perfectly auto tuned. lol 

  5. We appreciate that fact that you were able to get thru it. I hope it never happens again. :)