Tuesday, February 28, 2012

[WTF Of The Week] Week #118

What in the world......

The shark that was found in Yoyogi Park was put there by a Tokyo office worker who wanted to photograph it. He has come forward to the police and has since arranged for the shark's disposal. The shark had been on display outside a sushi restaurant near the park. The office worker, aged 25, approached the manager and apparently introduced himself as an artist saying he would like to photograph the shark. The restaurant agreed that he could take the shark. During police questioning, the man stated "I stored the shark at a friend's place and then took it to the park by taxi on the 18th. I was taking photos but then it got too dark. I planned to dispose of the shark the next day." This was how the shark came to be left in the park, wrapped in a plastic sheet. "I was going to collect the shark on the 19th but before I could it had caused a big disturbance," he explained.

Via Arama They Didnt

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