Monday, March 5, 2012

[Mod Post] Ok, so here we go again with a familiar post...

Unfortunately, it could not be helped. The situation as it is, is that due to yet another unexpected family loss, we could not gather together to do this week's show. We were ready and gearing up to do it, but like with other times in the past, we cannot control what happens in our personal lives and we hope that you can understand once again.

However, there is a bright side, my darlings. This gives us a few extra (and admittedly much needed) days to gather more info for our Flashback: 2008 show. We have gathered, and are still gathering, stories and news from that epic year to contribute to our first flashback show. That means we'll be extending the time for you guys to submit or link to stories or lulzy news that you want us to talk about on the show. So please, keep submitting! Also, a vlog on none other than Mr. Akanishi might be posted later on this week to hold you guys down until the next show. Since it's about him, expect honest-to-god opinions about this man's latest wanksta activities.

Once again, we are sorry for this turn of events and we appreciate your support and love. We'll make sure to give our all for the next show.



  1. no worries girls. It's understandable that unexpected things happen and you must deal with them first and then deal with the show. 

  2. Can u talk about was.going with jyj.... I'm confused. Please ;)

  3. Came on to download another old show and saw this post. Whoever lost a loved one, I am sincerely sorry and I send my condolences :'( And like always, we understand and support you ladies.

  4. no worries, family and life comes first! I hope everything goes smoothly and my condolences