Tuesday, March 27, 2012

[Mod] Welp, This May Seem Familiar

So...guess what? Due to a very familiar set of circumstances...there will be no show this week. *dodges tomatoes* Basically, we were unable to use the studio this week. As we've explained on the show, the new studio is not guaranteed to us, and when the employees of the station need the studio, their needs override ours. This is not something that can be controlled by us.

So that brings us back to reminding all of you that this could end if you help our cause and donate in order to help us get a personal studio for the show's needs. A personal studio means no hassle, no hassle means a show can be recorded and put out on time, so if you can spare anything, it would be greatly appreciated by all of us. With that said, in the meantime we'll be up to our regular lolz on twitter and we'll gear up for next week's show (hopefully) when it's time. Have a lovely week!

-Ana & crew


  1. i was really waiting for this episode TT__TT

  2. awwwwww. i still haven't finished the 6 hr epic show yet, so i'm set for a couple of weeks. lol.