Tuesday, June 12, 2012

[Contest] What's In Jin's Bag?

If you missed it, earlier this week a recent photo of Jin & Meisa surfaced on the interwebs. It's a pretty normal picture. No nip slips. No baby slipping out of va jay jay's. BUT! We did notice one thing. That bag Jin is holding....WTF is in it? 

This means......CONTEST TIME!!!! 

Leave a comment below of what you think is in Jin's bag. I say... resumes. 

To person with the best comment we're going to give you, the latest Far East Movement album, "Dirty Bass" which just dropped today! Make sure to pick it up in your local stores or at iTunes. 

Have fun! We'll announce the winner on the next show.


  1. Jin has a small box of cheerios with a carton of milk so he can eat his "ghetteal" while walking with his baby moms bc that is "ghetto" and "how we do things in America".

  2. 1)book ''how not to be a looser father''
    2)His ego... because he cant put it anywhere else!
    3)voodoo dolls for Johny!
    4)few CVs the man needs a job ASAP
    5) and his international career (he can sure fit that staff in a bag!)

  3. He is carrying a mini skateboard that stretches out when he needs it. Or Emergency box of froot loops for her craving. OR her unmentionables. Or pictures of Future baby mamas. Or it's a Mary Poppins style bag with anything he desires because who are we kidding the Japanese invent magical things!

  4. his ego + meisa's money & credit cards

  5. He's carrying stretch mark cream for his tummy. Unemployment slips, and his welfare workers contact info.

  6. His IOU for Johnny's so that he knows how much money he has left to pay him back after coming out with "That's What She Said".

    Or, it's where his wild things are.

  7. Flyers for donations to the "Save Jin-Jin's Baby From Starving" cause... probably has to do it on the down-low from Johnny's collectors.

  8.  It's a sex tape! Because babies ain't cheap and Jin and Meisa need to hustle for that money!

  9. Not condoms.

    Or a job.
    Its probably full of the fucks he should have given.

  10. Jin's bag has in this order, a pairs of aviator glasses (To wear so they won't know he's lying when he says no when they ask if he ever thinks about going back to Kat-Tun), 3 more beanies (in case the mood strikes him), a gently pressed down fedora (for the more formal occasions), chap stick/and or lip gloss (for himself), and a written apology to Johnny to get his old job back Oh! And bought back copies of his album to boost his sales and to give out to whatever fans that are left of his.

  11. NotjohnnykitagawaJune 20, 2012 at 7:30 PM

    The test results... Jin's got the OneGina disease lol