Tuesday, June 12, 2012

[Show] APOPA Show #123

Week #123


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  • All for loveeeeeeee.
  • Beware of Zombies.
  • Asian pop zombies.
  • True mother effing Blood.
  • Big Bang’s “Monster” is a hot ass mess.
  • Drake/Carmen San Diego/T.O.P.
  • TOP is backing in the acting world.
  • More “Alive” tour locations announced.
  • It’s graduation time!!!
  • Confessions gone wrong.
  • BoA to comeback this summer!
  • f(x) is into bestiality
  • Betty wants Lee Jun Ki’s “rice cake”.
  • Who should 50 cent collabo with next?
  • SNSD get selling out in Japan…or are they?
  • A-nation is switching it up this year.
  • Ayu tweets a pic of herself with 2PM.
  • MINMI is coming back!!!
  • Jang Geun Seok is going to teach you how to cook recipes that aren’t his.
  • “Cute faces” ranking.
  • ROCKKKKK corner.
  • Breaking sports news….random.
  • Floppy….
  • “Gundam”….Otaku corner.
  • Florida Supercon coming soon!
  • Yoon Mi Rae was held up with…a purple bat?
  • Dragon Age or Dragon Ash…same shit.
  • Yoochun wants to go public with his love.
  • Hyorin’s forehead goes on for daysssss.
  • Clown J appears again. No one currrrssss.
  • MC Jin welcomes a baby boy into the world.
  • YOMYOMF launches new web series.
  • Johnny’s Corner.
  • 10 years ago we graduated… boooo.
  • Puta Pop Addict is alive.
  • Shoutouts.
Songs Played On This Weeks Show:
Crystal Kay- Forever
Dalmatian- Drive
Bella- Don't Let Go
BAP- Power
Big Bang- Monster
Wonder Girls- Like This
MIB- G.D.M. remix feat. Tiger JK & Bizzy
Miliyah Kato- AiAiAi
Arashi- Your Eyes
Kanjani8- Ai Deshita
f(x)- Electric Shock


  1. -I was right with my comment about 2 eps ago about more Kpop videos with not having any sense of direction since Big Bang made it true. Also I found it funny that the April 1st joke on Omona about Big Bang repackaging their Alive mini album actual became true.

    -I am done with Big Bang. If they decide to release new music as a group, I won't listen to it. The only really memorable song they have had these past 2 years was "Cafe" and it was a song that wasnt a single. I am tired of these upbeat-esque or dances songs they have been doing these past 2 mini albums. I will give them a chance whenever they decide to give us a full length album with good music.

    -Yoochun going public with a relationship with someone means he is putting out a hit on the girl bc there is no way fans would leave her alone especially if she were to be a non celebrity.

    -I also nominate Nichkhun for being one of the idols killed by a zombie. He isnt pretty much needed and he would make a good sacrifice if ppl need to survive. 

  2. I agree with you %100 about Big Bang! I've been loosing interest in them for a while. I want GD & TOP and Taeyang's solos.