Tuesday, July 3, 2012

[Show] APOPA Show #124

Week #124

Get your fireworks out, bbq in hand, & tune us on!

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  • So whatcha whatcha whatcha want?
  • Girls, DRINKS, Money
  • Beware of bad weed.
  • We’re champions!
  • There’s nothing magical about Magic Mike.
  • Giveaway!!!!

  • Far East Movement winner announced.
  • Rachet awards recap.
  • BINGO!
  • Sexy, Free, & Single….in a dancing box.
  • 2NE1 are heading out on a “world” tour!
  • Ride around with that “nina”?
  • Lisa Frank throw up.
  • Big Bang adds China to their “world” tour dates.
  • MNET Style Award winners.
  • Everyone loves the Koxx.
  • Sistar slashing prices.
  • Jo Kwon showing all you putas how it’s done!
  • Gackt & his pimp relationship response.
  • DJ Taku letting his feelings be known again.
  • Avex is fucking with Ayumi fans emotions.
  • UTADA COMEBACK?!?!?!?!?!?
  • MTV Japan Video Music Award winners.
  • ROOOOOCKKKKK corner.
  • “This muthafuckin….” Otaku corner.
  • Sexy, Free & Single video is out!
  • How did Yoochun get that eye infection?
  • Jungah is the new After School leader.
  • Kim Nam Gil is out the army.
  • Lee Byung Hun gets honored.
  • Johnny’s Corner.
  • Next week is our 3 rdyear anniversary!
  • Plans!!!!
  • Shoutouts.

Songs Played On This Weeks Show:
F(x)- Chu
Zico of Block B, DJ Wreckx- Mic Ceremony
Show Luo- Magic
Tablo feat. Yankee & Bong Tae-Kyu- Thankful Breath
Cross Gene- Sky High
Mir & G.O- Wild
Super Junior- Sexy, Free & Single
Jo Kwon- Animal
Namie Amuro- Hot Girls
After School- Flashback
Jay Park feat. Cha Cha Malone- Hopeless Love
Dynamic Duo, Kero One & Dumbfounded-
SNSD- Paparazzi
KAT-TUN- To The Limit

Random Videos:

EXILE get's pranked! Hilarious! 

4 Minute's "Volume Up" Indian version

For those wondering why we kept saying "Muthafucking" in a certain way....this is why.


  1. Vicki Loc I would like the I love 2NE1 button, I love MBLAQ button or the Big Bang stickers!! Love you girls!

  2. suju got that mv for free... it's like a subway card buy 4 mvs n 18 teasers get one free

  3. Jordan PArker, I would love the tvxq button, the mblaq sticker, or the big bang stickers. You guys make me laugh so much, I love you guys!

  4. i have a genuine question. so are you guys required to play every new single of super junior's even though they are total and complete shit?


  6. Ana! Orange Days! That's my rec to your j-drama request. Shibasaki Kou will blow you away!

  7. -With the whole Taku twitter part 2, I agree and disagree with him. I do agree with him that Jpop has become a bit stale and what not. The bigger issue I have with him is that he is only criticizing Jpop and nothing else while putting up Kpop on some godlike pedestal. If I wanted to, I can take everything he said negative about Jpop and imply it the current state of Kpop right now. I can also take that logic and use it in American music; in Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, R&B, etc. How many times in the last decade have we heard that "Hip-Hop is dead" from prominent people in the music industry, or how ppl criticize the state of R&B today? I just hate it when people make these assumptions without looking at other things at first.

    -I only have one question about the MTV Japan awards, why was their a category for "Best Album" at an award show that in its title says "Video Music awards"? I wont say nothing about how foreign artist winning a lot of the awards bc its been like that the past few years.

    -Its cool if Utada comes back but if she comes back and she has a dubstep sound, idk what I would do with myself. That is one sound that we dont need another artist to jump on to.

  8. I swear me and my sister were joking around about that song cashing out. Randomly yelling "ridding round with that nina" out the car. We got pulled over because of that LOL
    I know how you feel about the super junior video. After 30 seconds I said fuck this I've seen it all before. It makes me angry because they aren't bringing anything new and it's kind of making me lose interest in SM period.
    I can't believe it's been three years already tho!!!!!! I've been with you guys since show 15 (granted I've had to catch up on shows a few times) and it's kinda weird. I remember when you all corrupted one of my co-workers who USE to be a very holy christian man lol I hope you girls stay around forever <3

    Darlese Clark or LeseyDC which ever you'd like to use: Wouldn't mind taking that I heart onew's fried chicken, I heart mblaq and ANY of those stickers off your hands ;)

  9. Great show. Ok, you guys always talking about how Daichi Miura is an amazing singer. What are some songs that you would recommend? Oh, I want the BIG BANG stickers or the 2NE1 button!

  10. Sorry for the uber late response. For the Daichi recommendations, I would start off with his "Who's the man" album. That album is flawless! Inside your Head, Delete My Memories, Your love feat. Kreva, The Answer, Lullaby, Baby Be Mine, Black Hole, those are just a few of my jams from him.

  11. LOL! Good question. No we're not required to play anything but we do tend to play the latest releases, good or bad, as well as requests you guys make.

  12. Oh btw you won the Big Bang stickers!!! Email me your info at asianpopaddict@gmail.com

  13. RIDE AROUND WHIT DAT NINA!!! lol dumbest effing love story ever but too damn catchy. Can't help it. lol


    I know 3 years already! It's crazy. Things have surely changed since day 1 I tell ya. I REMEMBER THAT!!! What happened?!?!? Did we do that to him? lmao

    You won MBLAQ boo. Email me your info.

  14. Yeah, like I said on the show. I agree with some points he makes and other times it's like ok...a little bit reaching there fella. Music goes thru many phases and right now for the most part, mainstream music sucks ass.

    The whole Japan VMA is so off the course of what it really should be. Between the jacked up categories and all the foreign artist in it. lol

  15. *Oprah voice* YOU GET AN ONEW BUTTON!!!! Email me your info.

  16. Thanks for listening. Soooo sorry for the late reply but you won the TVXQ button!!! Email me your info. asianpopaddict@gmail.com

  17. 2NE1 button for you! Email me your info! asianpopaddict@gmail.com Congrats!