Friday, July 13, 2012

[Mod Post] 3 Years Going Strong

3 years ago today, a shade driven, non stop cursing, no holds barred, not giving any fucks, FANTASTIC show started.... ASIAN POP ADDICT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

It's our 3rd birthday and we here at APOPA are in amazement that 1, we still have listeners, and 2, that any of you find us entertaining. 

We want to thank all of you for the past 3 amazing years of non stop support. If it wasn't for all of you we would have stopped doing this show a long time ago. 

I know we might have offended you at least once. Or got you mad because we threw some heavy shade on your fav artist. Maybe some of you even stopped listening all together because you thought we sucked. BUT to those who know that we mean no harm, love asian entertainment, shade because we care and love, we thank you for over seeing all of that and continued on listening and supporting us. 

To those who listen to our shows in public and are embarrassed because they are laughing so hard to themselves that people start to stare at them wondering, "WTF is wrong with that person"....thank you. Now stop listening us in libraries, buses, taxis, class, family gatherings etc. We're made to be listened to while you're alone. lol 

Simply again, THANK YOU!

Our next show will be live from our brand new "studio"! The reason we haven't done the show this week is because we're still trying to work out the kinks of the new equipment but come next week we should be good to go. We'll also try to USTREAM it live. We'll keep you posted here on the site of what day & time soon. 

If you want to hear some of your fav past show clips, email us so we can play them back on the next show. Also if there's a question you've always wanted to ask us, ANYTHING, we'll answer anything, lol. Email us  

We love you guys. Here's to many more years to come. :) 



  1. Thanks for being a FAB group of people. You all got me through some bad times and some fucking long ass drives with your wit and humor. I have to make it out to Miami one day! xoxo

  2. Happy Anniversary! I am so glad that about 2 years of that, I was listening to you gals thanks to iTunes Serendipity! I went to download Eat your Kimchi Podcasts and found your Show. Thank you for the Laughs and Insights! Always a Fan y Amiga!

  3. Come to FL! I think there should a APOPA meet up with wild Miami-Adventures

  4. I listen to you guys everyday, you are the perfect way to keep the quite away from my apartment <3.

  5. I'm glad I asked my friend about you if she hadn't been listening to your show all the time I never would've known how funny you all were! I'm kind of late in the game but I'm full of non stop support for you three, keep making shows and I'll keep listening.

  6. can you also record the show with your camera then upload it? o the quality is easier to see?

  7. Congrats APOPA! It's been busier lately but I'm really glad you're still into doing the show after all this time. I've been listening for almost 2 yrs now and I'm not going anywhere! It's been awesome listening to fans that are around my age (I'm an 83er omg I'm old) and that can keep things fun and objective and hilarious of course xD Looking forward to the next show! -jess

  8. Happy Anniversary APOPA!

  9. I still regularly listen even though all I do is complain on twitter about random shit. Congrats and all of the commitment towards the show is impressive.