Monday, July 23, 2012

[Mod Post] Ustream Time!!

Yes yes yes...we know....we should have done this show already. 

So the reason why we haven't done our anniversary show is because we've hit a little bump in the road with our "studio". Tech issues, tech issues, & more tech issues. We can't wait any longer to do a show, so come this Wednesday, whether in the new or old studio, we're going to do our anniversary show! 

As we usually do for special occasions, we're going to ustream it! So THIS WEDNESDAY (July 25th)  at around 8pm EST. we will be broadcasting live!!!! Spread the word, get involved in the fuckery! 

We're still taking questions, comments, fav moments, etc. Send em in!

Save the link. Spread the word!!!!

See ya'll Wednesday. 

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