Thursday, September 20, 2012

[Show] APOPA Show #129

Week #129

Giddy up! Time for another APOPA show. 

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  • YO! La quiero a morir!
  • Latin talk. Deal with it!
  • Techonology!
  • Ohhh yeaaaahhh. @ChangminsPuta
  • Shisus b’z a troll.
  • Yes, church show is coming soon.
  • Poisonnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
  • It’s not Shade. It’s Facts!
  • PSY MANIA!!!!!!!!!!
  • Do we really want K-Pop here?
  • Is the J industry being snobby?
  • Does DJ Taku from M-Flo read the future?!?!?
  • Cyn is going to have a nervous breakdown.
  • Are the SONE’s salty?
  • Stop swinging your fandom cocks around!
  • Who’s going to cross over next?
  • How old is too old?
  • “Alive” tour sale dates revealed!
  • Seungri likes it rough.
  • They’re all grown!
  • Joon get’s it on too.
  • TOP’s movie is still a go.
  • Idiots are still after Tablo.
  • Ueto Aya & Hiro are married! Orange babies!!!
  • EXILE tan coming to store near you.
  • Namie’s 20th anniversary show was canceled. Wonk wonkkkkkkk.
  • UKISS why?
  • EXO why?
  • Time for photoshop!
  • Maeda Atsuko is a drunk free mess.
  • Let’s keep paying lawyers.
  • Laxatives for Leeteuk.
  • Black ocean for T-ara. Not nice!
  • Shinhwa & SPICA babies coming soon.
  • Drama corner with Grace.
  • The Changmin group is coming back.
  • SM Town in Singapore.
  • Hip hop super group in the works!!
  • Drug use with A, B, C, D and every other letter in the alphabet.
  • KCON is coming up!!
  • Scandal #2 for Seungri.
  • JYJ wasting money useless things, like lawyers.
  • K-Pop & Hip Hop in ATL?
  • Roooooooooooooock corner.
  • We’re murderers.
  • “I don’t care”…Otaku corner.
  • The lights went out.
  • No hater zone, the Ana edition.
  • Nugu corner: N-Train
  • Johnny’s corner: WTF Koki?
  • On repeat.
  • Win your own copy of I AM SM Town: Live from Madison Square Garden.
  • Shoutouts!

Songs Played On This Show:
T-ara –Sexy love
AKB48- Gingham Check
Rainie Yang & Show Luo- When The King Meets The Queen
Secret- Poison
G-Dragon- Crayon
Cinema Staff- Into The Green
Morning Musume- One Two Three
The Koxx- Take Me Far From Home
Block B- LOL
Handsome People- Disco Girl
YUI- Oh Yeah
Jay Park- Go
Orange Carmel- Bubble Bath
MC Sniper- Danger
Neon Bunny- Come A Little Closer
VIXX- Super Hero


  1. I had to listen to people mispronounce Psy's name his song's name. I would like for Korean bands to tour in America, but I can't handle the posers that will come with the wave of Kpop.

  2. I hope you don't believe that stupid rumor about Gackt.

  3. - Im not sure if snobby is the right word but Japan's lack of interest of anything outside of the country is one of those life questions that can't be answered. I can't even fathom the reason why they cant put full music videos on youtube. There are even some artists such as Bump of Chicken or Ken Hirai where none of their stuff is even on youtube and they are considered some of Japan's best artist the past decade. Even though there are people who dislike AKB48, fans of Jpop have to at least respect for their effort in with content online. Ever since the group started working with google, they have done a few concerts that were broadcasted through youtube and they also upload all of their pvs (both short and full versions) without having to deal with a ip block problem (like I have with Shimizu Shota's youtube channel). The problem is not just in their music but in other media like videos games. I dont want to go into a rant about how many amazing video games over the years that Japan refuses to localize for anyone. Anyways if Taku is really going to have an interview with you guys, is it possible for you to take in some submitted questions people might have? Its not everyday a Japanese artist will take the time to even talk to fans who are from overseas.

    -With Psy's success, I was able to learn a few things. One thing I learned is that I completely understand how Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen are huge and its all thanks to Scooter Braun. Its pretty funny how the people on Omona were freaking out when they 1st heard about Psy signing with Scooter and was worried that something bad would happen. I have no idea how he does it but Scooter was able to get Psy on Ellen to the Today Show to SNL in about a week. In NYC they are kind of over playing the song quite a bit (well Z100 is) but its cool to see here a Korean artist every hour on a radio station here. No one can say that Psy will be a one hit wonder here because if you look at a few big time artists right now, their debut singles were considered in the same category. I thought when Katy Perry had " I kissed a girl" that she would be a one hit wonder and I definitely thought Rihanna with "Pon de Replay" was a sure one hit wonder. He can still flop of course but I can easily see him succeeding depending on what he releases from now on.

  4. hope the big bang concert doesn't sell out... will buy a $50 ticket and hop the gate into empty spaces

  5. Seungri likes it rough- This is what i was waiting from hear. Why the F**k do ppl think idols aren't Freaki-Shinkin' are you fuckin' kidding me!!! We know for a fact that some of these idol guys are Super Freaks. Come on we all know Changmin watches porn but do you think if he didn't have the will to resist and saw a nice ass he wouldn't hit it and quit it!!!!
    come on if i was the one being the target of a hit and quit by Xiah Junsu or any of the Tvxq or jyj members my black ass would think twice b4 fuck around with them

    I'm 20 y/o at 8 i knew enough about adult life. Be real K-pop fans