Tuesday, October 9, 2012

[Mod] "Insane In The Membrane"....


I know it's been kind of quiet around here lately, for that I apologize. As of late I have been going thru some personal issues that have really affected my current mental state of mind. I might go into more detail on the next show but just know that is the reason why we haven't been around lately. I just need some time to focus on me and get my mind back on the right track. It sucks that it affects the show but it wouldn't be fair to you guys if I give you a crappy product. I'm on "happy" pills now so it'll kick in soon then I can move on! lol

So no worries once I get back to normal we'll go back to full shading artist, praising shisus, & just being good ole us! In the mean time go buy some stuff here! www.cafepress.com/asianpopaddict 

Next week we should be back....hopefully.

Love u guys!


  1. I adore you. We adore you all you girls. Take care of yourself first. I've been there. I survived. And we'll wait. And Shisus forgives.

  2. It's ok honey, I hope you to get better. We love you all. We care about you so, first of all, you must think about your health. And "wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be right here waiting for you" (Richard Marx rocks, and I'm hugging the computer right now so I hope you're hugging the computer too, while you're reading this comment)

    ...and "happy" pills: I recomend!

  3. I adore you too. Shisus will wait for me...I just know it! hahaa

  4. THAT IS MY JAM!!! lol Awww thanks boo. I'll get it together eventually. *bear hugs computer*

  5. Good luck with everything, Cyn! Don't feel like you have to share your personal shit with us if you don't want to. I'm dealing with some personal/health crap rn that affects my work too and yeah, it completely sucks. I hope you can figure out a solution that'll work for you. Take whatever time you need, we'll still be here when you're ready for more APOPA xD

  6. ::whispers:: I. Love. You. Aaaaaalllllll... Best of health and wishes to each and every one of you girls. -From Junsu's Number One Fanboy. :)