Monday, August 1, 2016

[Show] APOPA Show #134 WE'RE BACK!!!!

Show #134

3 and half years later.... 

Thank YOU for waiting for us. The OG's areeeee back, ALRIGHT!

We’re still working on officially getting on iTunes (7 years later).
For now here’s how to get our shows on your iTunes feed. Click here!
Pretty sure this still works...

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  • The intro sounds different…
  • Oh! The mics are on.
  • The Nick Carter shade continues years later.
  • 3 and half years later
  • What’s changed?
  • We heard your prayers!
  • Addressing the elephant in the room…
  • We are LOST!
  • What will change on the show?
  • Past episode recaps.
  • Betty’s signed Visual K petitions?!?!?
  • K-Pop acts came to Miami?!?
  • Reasons Big Bang should come to Miami.
  • Cyn watches entirely too much HGTV.
  • If Taylor Swift’s listening…
  • How do we do this again??
  • Kim Hyun-Joong…blinded by dick.
  • Time for APOPA theater.
  • This is the story that never ends!
  • It’s like nothing ever happened.
  • Cyn looooovvveeessss Pandas.
  • Off to the military they go!
  • Days of TVXQ lives.
  • Yunho can teach old folks the dougie.
  • How the hell is Lee Joon-Ki a day time vampire?!?
  • Betty breaks down “Scholar Who Walks The Night”
  • Put your dick away Chun!
  • Someone call Kangin an Uber.
  • Johnny’s Corner: LET SMAP GO!!
  • Stop cock blocking us Japan!
  • Utada is coming back!
  • Baby Metal is our SHIT!
  • So many breaks up in 3 and half years.
  • 2016 APOPA Hunger Games.
  • K-Pop break ups.
  • J-Rock break ups.
  • Why is Flumpool still around?!?!
  • New Rock corner intro!!
  • Betty FINALLY saw the GazettE LIVE in New York!
  • Do you!
  • Bye Jessica! (Yes, we missed some members who’ve left group.)
  • On repeat. (submit yours at
  • Apologies. We’ll get it together!
  • #LadyDick
  • THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Reach for your dreams. Don’t let anyone stop you!
  • Obviously I put this show out AFTER my vacation. Lol

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