Monday, August 10, 2009

[Show] APOPA Show # 5

Ladies & ghei gentlemen, it’s the time you’ve been waiting for, its APOPA’s “The Men of Summer 2009” special!!!!!
Yes, yes, yes, Cyn City, Ana Pana & Betty countdown they’re top 10 hot guys and trust us when we say these men are hot, they’re hot!
Go now, grab a pen, sit down and listen because our fav guys just might be your new fav guy.

Cyn City Top 10:
10: Kim Jong Kook
9: Ryo Nishikido from NewS & Kanjani8
8: Daniel Henney
7: Hyde
6: Siwon from Super Junior
5: Rain Bi
4: Yunho a.k.a. U-Know from TVXQ
3: Akanishi Jin from KAT-TUN
2: Yamashita Tomohisa from NewS

1: Shim Changmin from TVXQ

Ana Pana Top 10:
10: Gackt
9: Daigo
8: Miyavi
7: Mokomichi Hayami
6: Ken’ichi Matsuyama
5: Kamenashi Kazuya from KAT-TUN
4: Alice Nine
3: Tae-Yang from Big Bang
2: Xiah Junsu from TVXQ
1: TOP from Big Bang
Betty Top 10:
10: Shou from Alice Nine
9: Joo Ji Hoon
8: MC Mong
7: Tanaka Koki from KAT-TUN
6: Taguchi Junnosuke from KAT-TUN
5: Kim Hyun Joong
4: Eun Ji Won
3: Micky Yoochun from TVXQ
2: Matsumoto Jun from Arashi
1: Lee Jun Ki

Songs played on this show:
SS501- Because I’m Stupid
KAT-TUN- Bokura No Machi De
Alice Nine- Rainbows
Eun Ji Won- Adios
Akanishi Jin- Love Juice
Tae-Yang- Only Look At Me
Arashi- Truth
Shuji to Akira- Seishun Amigo
Big Bang- Number 1
TVXQ- Purple Line (Japanese version)

Videos mentioned on the show:
"The Pimp Diaries" by Tohosexy @YT

Stephen Colbert "He's Singing In Korean"

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
He's Singin' In Korean


  1. xD I got a shout out~! *cheers*
    and hell yes, Junsu can purple like that allll the way~. Giant Kudos to Ana Pana for putting him on your list. <3
    And Bi Rain. Does want.
    Ur show makes my Monday awesome. lol :D

  2. More about that Surfer story. His wife was arrested:

  3. @ Junko

    Damn right Junsu can purple like dat! I love our duck-butt. And thanx, we luv having u as a regular. <3


  4. @ Lala

    Yea! We read that. We couldn't really update that story though since the show was recorded last wednesday before Cynth left to New York. We figured we'll touch on it next week after we can get caught up. Cynth returns on Sunday so that night we'll go record. Thanx for listening again!


  5. I love your lists. Do you have a link to that Hyde clip you were talking about?

  6. Which HYDE clip is this? We talked about so much crap on this week's show i've forgotten lol.

    And trust me, we like our lists too lol. Thanx.

  7. The one where he's speaking english at wallmart. I was looking at the Tohosexy Pimp Diaries video. Lol. I love you guys.

  8. Cynth was the one who had seen it. She's at a Yankee's baseball game atm, but she said that as soon as she get's home she'll search for it and leave a comment here, linking it. So just check back later for it.

    In the meantime, check this one out. It's HYDE making a recent comment to Daigo who was my number 9. on my list. He does a great impression of him lol.

  9. I love Daigo. I remember seeing Miyavi kiss him. Oh my... too hot.

  10. Daigo's reaction was HILARIOUS.

  11. I know. I didn't really know what to classify that reaction. The look on his face... he kind of looked drunk for a split second. lol.

  12. Holy shit on a stick,batman! I got a shout out! :D I feel a well dressed person in a Johnny's concert o.o

    Seriously,you guys are just plain awesome and I pray to god that you'll have some of these guys as guests someday, 'cause that would be THE SHIIIIT!

    keep up the good work ^^

  13. You are encouraged to feel special. Especially if it's the kinda special like you described lol.

    And if we had all of them as guests it'd be an epic jizz fest galore. So shameful. But great. Thanx for listening and for liking wut we do, yo.


  14. Oh man oh man, this show was amazing. I'm loving the pictures you guys put up, as well. I was not aware of Tae Yang's... washboard sex abs. Yes, please. That gif of Junsu is nice too... mmm.

    LOL, I'm looking forward to seeing that Hyde clip. Hyde was my baby back before I got in to KPop♥ And it doesn't matter that he's 40 when he looks like a 12 year old girl.

    I have my best friend sitting here with me. I made her listen to the show with me, and well, you have a new fan. You guys rock!♥

    I won't get to listen next week; I'll actually be in Orlando. But I'll be listening & commenting as soon as I get back :D

    Long comment is long. o3ob

  15. oh god that raining men song at the end... AHAHAHA.

  16. To helloitskari

    I can't find that damn Hyde clip! I saw it on youtube but now I can't find it. It was priceless.
    Thanks for dragging ur friend into our crazy world. lol

    To: Anonoymous
    The song gives me nightmares....whyyyy did they have to do that?!?1 lol

    Cyn City

  17. @helloitskari

    Awesome, spread the fangirl love! Tell anyone u know who might like this sorta thing. Glad to have another listener, and we'll try our best. Aaanyway, you know i think they might've deleted the HYDE video, which SUCKS, cuz i tried looking for it and i couldn't find it either. Sigh.

    Anyway, have fun in Orlando and be safe.


  18. Thanks for the shout out! I feel so special <3

    LMAO! That Colbert clip is so hilarious! He's singing in korean~ (I got that stuck in my head now...) I did some googling and stumbled on a clip with a dance off between Colbert and Rain~ So awesome!

    Loved the intro and outro song~ RAINING MEN!

  19. @Lisazilla

    I can watch that Colbert clip allllll dayyyyyy I wuv him. lol

    I still facepalm when I hear Jae and Changmin's version of It's raining men...

    Cyn City

  20. Hey. ~I loved the show *.*. Could you post that TOP photo, that you mentioned in the show ? Where he's drinking water. Thanks, and keep up the good work :D

  21. @ Nokaz

    We're glad you liked the show!
    And here's the TOP photo:

    He's so hot....ANYWAY, thanks again and tune in for this week's show.


  22. Thanks :D. He's soooooo HOT in this pic. I specially love his hair in My Heaven. I'll be sure to listen to it :D

  23. @ Nokaz

    Damn right he looks hot. And he's just drinking water The longer haired look does suit him very well.

    I mention him a bit in this week's new show which should be up tomorrow, so stay tuned for some major LOL.

  24. Aw man. I can't find the VAMPS walmart clip. :(
    I totally agree with your lists! >.<
    I have Haruma Miura, Takeru Sato, and Hiro Mizushima on mine though. :D

  25. Oh just listened about Kenichi Matsuyama! OMG I swear I will cry at the remake. :'(
    I love DMC!

  26. @liner-jello

    I know the walmart clip got deleted from you tube...BOOO!!!

    Kenichi is love. I LOVED him in DMC.

    Cyn City

  27. @liner-jello

    I signed the anti-Zac Efron as Light Yagami petition ages ago. Last i checked though, the list got even bigger lol. And yes,, Ken'ichi is awesome. DMC rocks.


  28. OMG I am so feeling that Love Juice song!! Because of that song I listened to this episode, in its entirety, 4 times before I started skipping to it, ha.
    Great episode!! I had to look up a lot of the Japanese guys and you all have great taste!!
    I might have to visit little Tokyo soon to find some music!

  29. Oh and btw, I think enjoyed Cyn's list the most. From KJK to Changmin, all of them are very hot. Especially number 2.... I'll have to look him cuz wow.

  30. @Geek God

    Love juice is the shit! That's the power of Akanishi Jin lol. We try to have good taste in men :)

    YAY! U liked my list the best!! Oh mannn Yamapi is the love of my life. Words can't express the love I have for that man. Yes, please look up info on him. His singing isn't that stellar but his acting is great.


  31. Oh just listened about Kenichi Matsuyama! OMG I swear I will cry at the remake. :'(
    I love DMC!