Thursday, August 13, 2009

[Mod] Damn! One Month Already?!?!


We here at Asian Pop Addict are celebrating our one month anniversary!!! Wooo Hoooo!!!
It’s all thanks to YOU for giving us all the love to continue with all our craziness.
Now that we have our first month out the way you can expect bigger and better things!
Also don’t forget we have our layout contest still going on and we have yet to get ZERO entries…lol COME ON AND SEND US AT LEAST ONE!!! K, enough begging.
Really we really, really, really want to thank you guys out there for always tuning in and sending us mad love we greatly appreciate it and let’s hope to continue to get bigger and better.
We leave you all with this.

Those are the moves that got Yoochun into TVXQ

Cyn City, Ana Pana, & Betty

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