Saturday, August 8, 2009

[Mod] We've been pimped and it feels so good

Ohhh what’s that I see?? *looks far and deep* oh that’s just us being pimped out by the most awesomest (ya I made up a word and WHAT!) blogger on this side of jpop & kpop.
Icecapades has a site that we always love to pimp out on the show Floating Stars and she has a series going on about other bloggers that are known on the nets. It’s where you can get to know them better. Well your ho’s, (yes us ho’s at APOPA) have been pimped out by her in her lastest “Come To Play” series on her website.
She made us fill out this questionnaire a few weeks back and the questions were hilarious. I think our answers came out great as well. She gave us much, much, love and we wuv her for that.
So if you want to get to know the APOPA girls just a little bit better go hit up Floatings Stars and read it and of course comment on it. You BETTER also bookmark her page because she’s an awesome blogger who comments on all things kpop & jpop. I will hunt u down if you don’t bookmark her!!!
Oh btw to all the haters…

Tis all from NY/NJ,
Cyn City


  1. problem posting.. I read the pimppost. Came on over to see what's up. I look forward to the shows. CHEERS

  2. Thanks so much. Live Journal has been acting weird because of the DoS attack. Anyway, it'll be weird not going into the studio today since Cyn is outta town. But tomorrow's pre-recorded show is gonna be epic: nothing but sexy MEN talk. Do listen and thanks again.