Thursday, October 15, 2009

[Blog] Let's talk about Dramas! by: Betty


Yes Betty is alive and well. I hope everyone is doing well and I hope you all enjoyed this week’s show.
Now, Cyn City has asked that this week I make a post and it can be about any topic that I feel like discussing. So, since a few of my dramas have ended in the past few weeks, most recently, My Fair Lady (Loved it!). I have decided that I will dedicate this post to the Asian Dramas and the actors we fell in love with.

For example, my favorite drama of all time is ‘My Girl’ with Lee Jun Ki and I am currently watching, ‘Temptation of an Angel’, ‘Queen Seon-Deok', ‘Hot Blood’ and 'IRIS'.
Do you remember your very first drama? Do you have a favorite drama? What drama are you currently watching?
Let me know, our taste in dramas might be similar (If you like Lee Jun Ki and super romantic-mushy-crying dramas like me, lol).

You can post videos, pics and what not to show love for your fav drama! Have Fun!
Kimchi kisses,
Because it wouldn't be Betty's post without a pic of Lee Jun KIIIIIIIII! 
I love this careless, rugged look.

For Cyn City, LMAO! (You started it!)

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