Friday, December 23, 2011

[Awards] 2011 "MELO" Awards... Vote Now!!!

The time has come once again to vote for all your fav's to win the coveted APOPA trophy (which will be reveled during the actual show day).

Here's the low down...

Voting begins now and will end on 12/30/11 at 1pm EST. 
You can vote for multiple people in one category at the same time.
You can only vote once per day, per category.
Leave your bias at home and vote from your heart...or something like that.

Winners will be annouced on the 12/31/11 show.

Now, if you look at the list and say "Hey! Why is "........" not on the list?"....well if you didn't participate in the nomination process then you only have yourself to blame. Same goes for the voting.

FYI!! These nominees were voted all by YOU...not us. Soooo don't get salty at us...get salty towards your fellow peers. lol

That's it!! Get to voting now! Spread the word!

VOTING IS OVER!!! Thanks to all that participated. 


  1. didn't want to reveal my email >.> radio may expose it. Favorite APOPA moments = The birth of the Cyndong ship and The Hara claws Revealed.

  2. LOL "radio" only exposes emails of those who are salty & stay thirsty.