Wednesday, December 21, 2011

[MOD] What a week....

OK, well A LOT has happened since last week's show. One of us left a job, one had a death in the family & so on & so on. Needless to say we here at APOPA are having a hella rough week and we're taking this week off to regroup and get our head's back in the game. I'm sure we'll explain more of what's happening on  next week's show.

We also want to apologize for the severe delay of the final nominees for the APOPA awards. I'm working on finalizing the list as we speak and I hope to have it out shortly.

As of right now we do plan to be back on the air next week for the final show of 2011. We'll have tons of prizes to give away that include, posters, signed CD's & APOPA merchandise. Send in all of your fav songs of 2011 now to Also send us your fav APOPA moments of 2011. We'll most likely ustream that show as well but I'll be sure to post up the final details in the coming days.

Again, apologies.


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