Wednesday, December 14, 2011

[Show] APOPA Show #113

Week #113

This is you guys when listening to our show. :P
We promise no auto tune this week. It's Betty's bday special!! Enjoy!

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  • The whore music is back!
  • Upside down U.
  • What to do?
  • WTF is going on “Once Upon A Time”?
  • What happened to last week’s show?
  • APOPA Awards!!!
  • What’s up with ya’ll???
  • Yay or Nay on the award name?
  • Ask Changmin questions. Auto tune style.
  • Koda Kumi to get married!!!
  • Spin Magazine are high as a kite.
  • Clown J’s verdict is in.
  • H.O.T reunion!!! Orrrrrr not.
  • Kara ruling Japan.
  • MTV Best of the Best results.
  • 2011 Music Station Live line up.
  • Oricon weekly charts.
  • Don’t put men down or we’ll ban your song.
  • Utada celebrates 13 years in the biz.
  • The family that do porn together, stay together.
  • Namie is on facebook.
  • You a punk! Get out of hip hop!
  • Move to Madagascar.
  • 2NE1 fever hit America!!
  • Tazanya from YG Ladies came on to talk about the 2NE1 invasion.
  • Rain keeps moving on up.
  • Bye bye TMAX.
  • J-drama will now be a K-drama.
  • Minho to act.
  • Who wouldn’t wanna be loved by Shisus?
  • 1 million disciples.
  • Mao Asada’s mom passes away.
  • Meteor Garden actress passes away.
  • “YEAHHHHHHH” Otaku corner.
  • We sing pretty.
  • Johnny’s Corner.
  • Arashi need singing lessons.

Songs Played On This Weeks Show:
Gackt- Ikitoshi Ikeru Subete Ni Tsugu
L.E.O. feat. Supreme Team & Kilmi- Dragon Blue Train 
KAT-TUN- Signal
Kim Hyun Joong- Lucky Guy
SMSD- The Boys (Korean version)
Alice Nine- Heart Of Gold
Brown Eyes- Geulaedo Doegessni
Teen Top- Supa Luv
Show Luo- Only You
MIYAVI- Boom Ha Boom Ha Ha
T-ara- Ya Ya Ya (Korean version)
4 Minute- Mirror Mirror
Simon D- Cheerz
10cm- I'm Scared Of The Dark
Rainbow- A (Japanese version)
Sunny Hill- Midnight Circus
Born- Psycho Diva
the GazettE- My Devil On The Bed

Random Videos:

This is the video of Cyn & Ana trying to surprise Betty with a cake.


  1. I've only listened to the Iggy part of the show. I will finish the show later. About what Taz said about after Iggy, she could've just crossed the street a few steps down away from the guys who told us to keep going and went back to Times Sq. I didn't go around the block. I wasn't doing all that lol. YG needs to do YG Fam NYC.

  2. I love Changmin in this show! He should come on more often. xD lol Right Changmin? Yeaaaaaaah!! And I agree with Cyn. Kahi is pretty good. I still listen to her mini album. To me her music was better than After School's music. :3 Her single "Come Back You Bad Person is amazing! :O Anyways, happy birthday Betty!

  3. That whore music is so awesome, I can't help but wiggle my hips to it. 

  4. I think if you give people a list to vote instead people will be less lazy to email you. :P

  5. For the voting process their will be a thing just on a site to vote but this is just to nominate who they want to see in the final selection.