Wednesday, July 10, 2013

[Mod Post] RAIN OPPA IS BACK!!!!!.....What about us?!

YAS! THANK YOU SHISUS!!! Rain oppa is officially out of the army!! How long before we see his hip thrusting ass back on our screens? How long before APOPA comes back? Who thought adding letters to numbers would solve so many math equations?!?!? So many unanswered questions!!

As I listen to Jay Z's new album & get my "good good & alcohol" on at this very moment, I can at least answer one of those questions. Since Rain is back, it's time for our asses to make an appearance! That's right! A SHOW!!! Some may know this but Ana is in Panama, has been for the past few months, I am going to try and figure out how to get the trio back together and create a new episode. With that being said, we've been gone for the past few months, some exciting things have happened. Let us know which of those exciting stories from the past couple of months do you guys want us to cover or comment on? Leave a comment and/or link below!

Ahhhhhh yes. It is time.

-Cyn City


  1. Yaaaaaaay!! I missed you guys. Can't wait to hear from you 3 after all this time. I'm sure you guys will talk about this whole mess with Rain and se7en. But i would like to hear what you guys think about core contents and t-ara as whole. Me personally i find it ridiculous. I never liked ccm. And now i have confirmation as to why. Anyways glad your back! ^_^

  2. It's my birthday next week and this news is the BEST PRESENT EVER (nope, not exaggerating *fangirls*) No pressure though.. I have another birthday next year :D Every time something happened in the world of Asian pop the past few months I thought "omg I would love to hear this mentioned in an apopa show", and now I can't remember any of those things.. well.. it was everything, basically.
    A few things I remember I liked/disliked/have feelings about: SHINHWA (love), 2PM (yes please), We Got Married + We Got Married Global (mostly LOL what? and omg someone please get Taemin away from that show), MBLAQ (sexy video, Smoky Girl, but I can't, I just can't get myself to like the song), VIXX and their awesome choreography for Hyde, Sunny Hill's video for Love Actually, Lee Hyori, XIA Junsu's new album and maybe EXO (although I personally find it less tiresome to pretend they don't exist) ... that's all Korean stuff. I always lose track of what happens in Japan when you guys go on hiatus.
    Anyway, I hope you're all doing okay and I'm looking forward to a show, any show, of any length.. about anything.. (actually trying very hard not to seem desperate here). I've really missed the shade throwing and the laughter and especially the attitude. I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of stans who always take everything too seriously here.
    Lots of love from the Netherlands *fangirls some more*

  3. YAAAASSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait.

    Talk about the horrible choreo in 2NE1's new video, the continued sinking of the T-tanic and just about everything else CCM related, the fools in the Army messing up, and I'm sure there was some Japanese stuff that I'm forgetting but whatever it's all good. I'm just glad ya'll are coming back.

  4. MBLAQ comeback

    2PM ADTOY song and MV (comeback)

    Rain out of the army

    Miyavi's "Secret" MV -

    Sanchu and Se7en's scandal

    Lee Hyori's comeback

    Lee Hyori getting married

    Recent Only 13 situation in the Super Junior fandom (United
    ELFs) -

    2ne1's comeback

    CL's "Baddest Female" song and MV

    EXO Comeback (especially "Wolf")

    Junsu solo and the mess with Loen - (1),

    This mess -

    TVXQ (aka Homin) L.A concert

    B.A.P's L.A concert

    B.A.P Himchan hurt by sasaeng "fans"

    Chris Brown and T-ara

    G Dragon Michigo MV

    Dalmation's Daniel selling weed

    YG's planned show "Win" -

  5. So yesterday I was on YouTube looking at jyj stuff so I type in junsu name and was just going down the pg' s just to see videos of him lol ... And I come across this one video ... That somebody had posted.. They add it recently.... And I want to hear y'all opinion on it .. And I want to know if its real are not .. i think its fake .. But it kinda of does sound like him kinda of not ... Lol I need somebody to share it with lol .. Here is the link .. it's called S** with junsu .. I mean maybe its somebody name junsu idk .. I just want hear y'all talk about it lol ...

  6. More T-ara fuckery

  7. haha yeah I heard that one too. someone took all TVXQ's mini-dramas and had a jolly time. see....

  8. About dang time ladies... just saying. Random news thing I recently heard was some Korean teenager got arrested for photoshopping JYP and Suzy's photos onto some sexual nude photos.... together. EWWW... or did anybody hear about that Korean teenager who chopped up that girl and flushed her skin down the toilet. Sorry guys but I've been just thinking of the weird shit lately.
    Frankly 7 months is a LOT of news to try to catch up on - its basically mission impossible so i'd forgive if you just covered major events.

  9. Lol haha wow omg ... Thank you for clearing that up lol haha that one had me kinda of nervous lol haha thanks I should know that ... That would not happen lol haha ... How did u find out that they did it like that ???

  10. Yay! You guys are finally making a comeback of your own! I want to hear your thoughts on Girl's Day "Female President" and also Hyeri's scandal with Tony Ahn. Koda Kumi released some new MVs (or maybe they were leaked. I can't remember).

  11. Nugu group BTS or Bangtan Boys
    Henry's Trap

  12. Junsu is back ;) lol

  13. lol.... i've been around in Cassiopeia for a long time :) there's a whole lot worse than that vid - ha!

  14. I'm kind of obsessed with VIXX right now, what with their interesting concepts and such. I know they're a nugu, but you guys should give them a look ;) I don't even understand what's going with T-ara anymore lol

  15. More JYJ/SM fuckery

  16. I can't wait for the next show! I have missed APOPA! how about your impressions of other videos...I still can't believe the s%#t that was Michigo.

  17. Talk about wassup new girl group lol haha