Wednesday, September 4, 2013

[Mod Post] Oh....It's Happening!

I've got good news & bad news.

Good news is that Ana will be back from Panama in about two weeks!!! WOO!

Bad news is that you'll have to wait just a little bit longer for our return. I had planned to do a show last month but it just wouldn't be the same with out the trio. Am I right?!

Anyhoo, sit back, relax, & listen to some old shows because when we come back, we will be claiming our rightful spot right back on top of the shady tree. 


3 bad bitches.

P.S.- You can still drop comments below on things you want us to talk about that happened from the past couple of months.


  1. Oh pls talk about psy new song gangam style and G-Dragons song Michigo! Can't Wait!!:)

  2. Sorry i meant Gentleman for psy new song!

  3. the ratchetness that was this year's VMAs, Namie Amuro's flawless Engrish-language album, and AFTERSCHOOL's new video. I'll probably have more later.

  4. Ideas: The sudden netizen rage desire to turn Kara into T-Ara, f(x)'s 'Pink Tape' (have you listened?), After School attempting pole dancing and yes yes yes to any and allllll shade. Can't wait to hear newness from you ladies!

  5. Nugu BTS(aka Bangtan Boys)
    YG's reality show Win
    B.A.P. Badman
    JYJ/SM fuckery
    T-ara N4/Chris Brown

  6. Junsu Incredible
    Jin's comeback
    Block B's comeback

  7. - sulli-choiza
    - Crayon POP!
    - lee hyori gets married
    - SM buys woolim (infinite's company)
    - k-hip hop diss battle

  8. also wa$$up twerking !!!!

  9. I really really really miss the show :(